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LEGO or not?

dejavudejavu Member Posts: 235
I found a stash of my son's old LEGO bricks (he collected back in the 1990s) but in the box were some items which left me confused as to whether they were authentic LEGO or not. The first photo shows two figures that are larger than regular LEGO minifigs (I have put a regular-sized minifig to the left so you can get an idea of scale). If they are LEGO, can anyone tell me what kind of set they might have come from? The second photo shows some weapon-type items that might be LEGO, or might be non-LEGO Star Wars items (I found some of those too). Can anyone identify them?


  • madforLEGOmadforLEGO Member Posts: 10,756
    edited June 2014
    The first pic are all by LEGO one is a minifig and the others are from a junior-ized set (I forget the series where they are from). As for the second, the gray metal detector is LEGO as are the Axes, not sure by the projectiles.
    The tip is Look for a LEGO copyright on any LEGO piece that can hold it.
    Also there is a master thread for Identifying LEGO parts :-)
  • plasmodiumplasmodium Member Posts: 1,956
    edited June 2014
    They are from the Creator theme, when they ran a series of buckets aimed at younger kids (2003-ish?). They are the same as the Jack Stone/4+/4Juniors figures. They had names, Max and Nina or something like that.

    [Edit]: Many of the Creator sets this year (2001):
  • imhotep85imhotep85 Member Posts: 24
    The first minifig on the left in the balloon cart salesman from this month promo item 40108
  • dejavudejavu Member Posts: 235
    Thanks, Plasmodium - I was able to identify the Max and Tina figures from your post, and I think I have the Animal Adventures and All Kinds of Animals sets, and possibly All That Drives set. Plus I found most of the pieces to Snape's Class. madforLEGO, thanks for the tip, I know I'll have other pieces that will need identifying so that thread will help. imhotep85, yes, I used him for scale. I do have the new promo 40108 and just received the new 10244 Fairground Mixer set - haven't finished putting it together yet, but so far, it's great.

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