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LEGO Space Backgrounds

AlHazredAlHazred Member Posts: 14
edited August 2011 in Everything else LEGO
On the box cover of every old Space set I've ever seen (Futuron, Blacktron I, Exploriens, Insectoids, and UFOs, as that's what I have here), there are beautiful space backgrounds forming a backdrop to the still photographs of the models; nowadays, they generally only have a digital image of the pieces with the minifigures in action poses. I miss the old way of doing the box, which I thought gave it a lot of character. I'd love to find some of those old backgrounds to use as computer wallpaper (at the very least) or maybe as a backdrop to my own LEGO Space creations; buying a poster of one or two would be fantastic.

But I've never found even a single one. There's plenty of space art, but I've never seen those exact images. Does anybody know the story of the backgrounds? Knowing the artist would be a great first step.
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