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Kre-O Collection

KLSKLS Member Posts: 25
edited June 2014 in Collecting
First of all, I've checked the FAQs and has nothing on posting about other brick brands on here and figured this is the ideal section to post this on. (Well if this isn't allowed, sorry and please move/delete this as deemed appropriate.)

Next, I know it's taboo to talk about other brick brands for some, but I also know there are those who are in general brick fans and collect other brands as well. I used to despise "clone brands", especially MegaBlocks years ago, they always seemed to be of lower quality, doesn't have any interesting lines and reminded me of Duplo for some odd reason. But as time goes by, my respect for other brick brands grew as their theme and licenses matured.

The feel and fit of the MegaBlocks and Kre-O bricks aren't as snappy or "solid" as LEGO that's for sure, but it's not too far off either i guess. I now can accept them in my own brick universe. What i still can't stand and can't respect are those cheap knockoffs especially from China ones. The quality is just shit and they blatantly copy the same lines etc.

Personally, I love the Transformers and GiJoes, it sucks that LEGO doesn't have the licenses but at the same time I'm glad at least Kreo has them, to own Optimus and Starscream amongst others in brick forms and minifig scale is awesome! Took me some time to appreciate the minifigs too (called kreons) but it has grown on me since. I also think the Halo line from MB is awesome, especially some of the ships and vehicles, but I really don't fancy the minifig mould. Kreons on the other hand, has got me hooked.

As if the CMF line isn't enough headache to collect, now I have to contend with collectable kreon series, with TF, GiJoe, Star Trek and now D&D. I only recently kickstarted my collection so I have a long way to go. Especially where i'm from, Singapore, Kreo isn't as popular as in the states.

So enough rambling, any other kreo collectors here?! Or am I alone and utterly lost here in this forum?

ps: it's tough trying to find a centralised database/community for kreo collectors.

pps: perhaps Huw can consider franchising brickset system to other brick brands community. :D


  • samiam391samiam391 Member Posts: 4,486
    @KLS - I'm sorry that you've been un-able to find a Kreo forum. However, as you have already assumed, Brickset is centered around the LEGO brand and not its competitors. Endorsement/discussion of other brands is frowned upon and not really encouraged.

    There is a thread that discusses the competition/comparison of LEGO and other brands (but not involving the full endorsement of them) you can find the link here:

    Otherwise though, I'm afraid your topic is a bit out of place, but I'll let the mods decide that.

    Have a nice day! Perhaps if you stay around long enough we can steer you back towards LEGO ;o)
  • mathewmathew Member Posts: 2,099
    edited June 2014
    samiam391 said:

    Have a nice day! Perhaps if you stay around long enough we can steer you back towards LEGO ;o)

    You mean the cult of Lego, right? I think it's stupid be snobby to other brands on a forum that is called "Brickset". Kreo are bricks are they not? To be honest Kreo does kind of suck but I admire some of the Megablok sets. The detail is above the typical Lego City sets and the quality of plastic is about par to current Lego and less prone to cracking.
  • NeilJamNeilJam Member Posts: 272
    edited June 2014
    I understand this belongs in the clone brands thread (maybe it can be merged), but I'd still like to offer KLS some help here.

    As you may already know, Kreo is made by Hasbro, the company that created and owns the GI Joe and Transformers franchises. This is one reason LEGO would never be able to get these properties, as they are now in direct competition with each other. Add to that the fact that GI Joe is a 'war' toy so LEGO would not even consider that for a theme even if it was offered.

    Kreo seems to be particularly popular with fans of those franchises, but not so much with most LEGO purists. I am also a fan of both GI Joe and Transformers, but still refuse to introduce any other brands into my LEGO collection. You will find more fans of Kreo on websites dedicated to those properties. I suggest signing up at the hisstank and tfw2005 forums for discussions of GI Joe and Transformers respectively. There are threads dedicated to Kreo on both here (for GI Joe) and here (for Transformers):

    P.S. - I'm not trying to shoo you away from brickset, just pointing out where you can find more fans Kreo.
  • mnbvcmnbvc Member Posts: 143
    mathew said:

    I think it's stupid be snobby to other brands on a forum that is called "Brickset". Kreo are bricks are they not?

    As I understand it, this site is called Brickset because Lego doesn't like their trademarked name being used in unofficial web addresses; not because the site is about all brands of plastic brick. :)
  • vwong19vwong19 Member Posts: 1,191
    I have some Kreo Transformers but I gave up collecting them after seeing how poor the quality of the first few waves were. A few things that I dislike are their stickers and durability. The stickers were poorly cut and a bit oversized for the surface it was intended. The plastic deformed quickly and made joints loose after a little bit of play. Stress marks can be seen on the plastic especially on the minifigure wrist joints and transparent parts. I like their concept, but it is poorly executed.
  • diodramadiodrama Member Posts: 19
    @KLS As a big GI Joe fan I've been collecting the Joe Kreons since they started and they really are excellent. Also being based outside the US as you say make it a difficult and expensive collection but totally worth it. I find the best way is to do a large US toysrus order which isn't too expensive to ship to the uk about twice a year.

    I can't really speak for other Kreo lines but certainly with gi joe they haven't duplicated a figure in more than one set yet - nearly a hundred dif figures in two years. When they have a wave of sets they put completely different figures in each set, something that lego rarely do. True lego have enough variety to mean if you want all the different minifigs in a line you need to buy them all, or bricklink/eBay a few unique ones but you always end up with doubles when buying sets in a range...(Lone Ranger I'm looking at you!)

    But the actual kreo building toy itself is no comparison to lego whatsoever in my opinion. The early transformer and joe sets were particularly poor, the most recent sets a lot better but still nowhere near the quality, inventiveness or consistency of lego. I just chuck it all in a cupboard and display the kreon figures :-)

    Hopefully hasbro will start to put some of this stuff into the international market!
  • HuwHuw Administrator Posts: 7,076
    Discussions on clone brands are not encouraged here, although I accept the name of the site does not make it clear, for the reason stated above, that it's purely a LEGO site.
  • Pitfall69Pitfall69 Member Posts: 11,454
    I don't think it is snobby at all to discourage talk about "clone brands". Kre-o Transformers and G.I. Joe are probably best talked about in their respective forums., but we do have a thread for such talk. Why would you encourage talk about Mustangs in a Camaro forum?

    Brickset is an online Lego guide and it says so under the site name.
  • dannyrwwdannyrww Member Posts: 1,394
    You know I liked the Kreons for Transformers but I noticed when I bought some recently that they have gotten looser and don't stay together well...I don't see them as part of my Lego collection but part of my Transformer collection as I collect those too. Lego does have a better quality it seems to me in bricks and figures over all.
  • Pitfall69Pitfall69 Member Posts: 11,454
    I absolutely LOVE G.I. Joe, but I made the choice not to buy any Kreons. I don't think it is snobby, it just doesn't fit into my Lego or G.I. Joe action figure collection.
  • AanchirAanchir Member Posts: 3,014
    I'm not too fond of Kreons myself. The design just doesn't feel as cute and friendly to me as LEGO minifigures. Functionally, they're an OK design, but aesthetically they just don't speak to me.

    I've honestly wondered why Kre-o doesn't seem to be trying to capitalize on the female demographic in the aftermath of LEGO Friends the way Mega Bloks/Mattel have with their Barbie line. I'd love a My Little Pony building toy, but Hasbro has lots of other girl-oriented franchises at their disposal too, such as Strawberry Shortcake or Littlest Pet Shop.

    I think part of what's holding them back, though, is WHEN it is that Kre-O came out. The sets started to appear back before LEGO Friends was a thing, and it seems to me that Hasbro wasn't really anticipating the possibility of doing Kre-O sets based on their girls' properties. Thus, the Kreons as well as the Kre-O name and logo feel a bit... I dunno... masculine? The CityVille Invasion mini-Kreons don't have this problem as much as the regular-size Kreons, whose angular arms look rather odd on characters like Uhura from Star Trek.
  • y2joshy2josh Member Posts: 1,996
    ^A My Little Pony building toy is all it would take to get @Pitfall69 to jump over to Kre-O, I believe.
  • CircleKCircleK Member Posts: 1,055
    I don't own a single Kre-o product, but have to admit - a few of the GI Joe and Star Trek sets were tempting. Despite my love of those franchises, I decided to pass however. They just look like cheap knock offs to me and I didn't want them tainting my collection.
  • lordzaraklordzarak Member Posts: 329
    I love that this thread was started on the same weekend that Robot Chicken did a parody of "World War Z" called "World War B (for Brick)." The premise was a Lego city was invaded by Kre-O zombies. Lots of jokes about patent expirations and inferior knock offs. My favorite gag was a random Lego barbershop quartet singing "Lego my baby, Lego my honey..."
  • BrickarmorBrickarmor Member Posts: 1,258
    ^Thanks for that, I'll have to go dig that up.

    Kreo is better than MB but still not even in the same realm as Lego. And let's hear it for Best Lock...
  • chuckpchuckp Member Posts: 684
    edited June 2014
    ^^ Yes, thank's for the heads up. Here's the youtube link:

    Just a thought on the original post, I wonder if in 10-20 years there will be people coming out of their dark ages starting forums for Kre-o? AFOK doesn't really seem to have the right sound to it. ;)
  • LegoManiaccLegoManiacc Member Posts: 116
    Haha, I'm glad that this thread was started if for no other reason than the World War B video being brought up, that was great. Thanks @lordzarak and @chuckp for the link
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