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Best ever creation

glosminifigfanglosminifigfan United KingdomMember Posts: 94
When I was a kid/teenager I thought I was pretty good at building Lego, both commercial sets and my own creations. But I did realise that in reality everything I built wasn't up to the same quality as a commercial Lego kit.

Except for one! I built a beach buggy out of Technic and normal Lego and it was (if I do say so myself) awesome! It had motorised wheels and steering (controlled by wire from the Technic Control Centre), and had some really good details and seemed a really good scale. It wasn't the most advanced technically but the look of it was much better than most things I had built before (and after!) Even my brother (who wouldn't normally show much interest) said it looked amazing. Sadly I didn't take any photos (this was long before digital) and like most things I built I stupidly dismantled it a few days later. I don't know if it would really be up to 'Lego' quality and maybe I remember it being better than it was, but at the time to me it seemed like a masterpiece!

So I was wondering what was the best thing you ever built?


  • JamesJTJamesJT Member Posts: 440
    I built this last year. I still have it on my desk. It has better colours now, like #10196.
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