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FS/FT: All the original Hobbit movie sets (new and used) *US*

addemlitaddemlit Member Posts: 118
Okay so I have all the sets from the first Hobbit Movie. They are in the following condition

79001-1 Escape from Mirkwood Spiders (Sealed)
79002-1 Attack of the Wargs (Used and Complete)
79003-1 An Unexpected Gathering (Open but New and Complete)
79004-1 Barrel Escape (Sealed)
79010-1 The Goblin King Battle (Damaged box but New).

I would like to sell them all as a lot but if not I will take cash or trade offers or a combination of both. I'm looking for mostly minifigs from either Star Wars or Super Heroes line. New or used. PM me with any offers any mind. Will consider everything. US preffered but not required.

Super Heroes minfigs
Killer Croc
Power Man
Mary Jane
Green Goblin bigfig

Star Wars:

9497-1 Republic Striker
95001-1 Sith Fury Class Intercepter
2853590-1 Chrometrooper
2856197-1 Shadow ARF Trooper
4521221-1 Chrome C-3PO

Captain Antilles
IG-88 (SSD version)
Dengar (SSD version)
Admiral Piett

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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.