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Selling Dino Attack (US), Agents and Space Police sets.

Exo594Exo594 Member Posts: 1
Hi, I've got some sets I need to move along. I have some sets from the relatively recent "Agents" line and the most recent "Space Police" line. All are guaranteed complete, as I re-assembled the kits before taking photos. None of these sets will come with boxes, but do come with instructions in very good shape. All stickers have been placed properly and are in good condition. I am unfamiliar with the names of these sets, feel free to ask for pictures of the complete sets.

Dino Attack 7475 (Truck with raptors, stickers on face of cannon have been moved to the side of the brick to facilitate dis-assembly, sorry)
Dino Attack 7476 (Tank with T-Rex)

Agents 8632 (Swap hideout/tower, motorcycle)
Agents 8630 (Truck with gold trailer, jet)
Agents 8634 (Gate, copter, car)
Agents 8635 (Big truck with trailer, assorted mini-vehicles, VTOL jet-thing)

Space Police 5970 (Police jetbike, criminal biker-gang bike)
Space Police 5971 (Police armored gold carrier, 4-armed lizard guy on a scooter)
Space Police 5980 (Squidman's Pitstop, assorted mini-vehicles)

If you're interested, give me an offer, and we can negotiate. I'm not here to drive a hard bargain, just here to move these along.
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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.