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London AFOLs pub meetup - Monday 2 June

Like Lego? Live in London? Old enough to buy a drink in a pub? Then why not join us at the Princess Louise in Holborn from 6:00 - 9:00pm for an evening of messing around with Lego. Some people come to build, others come to chat and meet other AFOLs. Either way is fine with us.

The group has its own Lego, so no need to bring your own. Open to all over the age of 16. Free - although a few pounds in the donation tin is always appreciated.

More details and signup at


  • richselbyrichselby Member Posts: 80
    Theme for the June Meetup is based around set 10228 - Monster Fighters Haunted House. We have two sets to play with. One group will build off the instructions, and the other will go freestyle.
  • richselbyrichselby Member Posts: 80
    Just a reminder that it's London AFOLs meetup this evening in Holborn. See you there!
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