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Sharing my childhood with my Kids

JoeZilchJoeZilch Member Posts: 6
I've been reading Brickset for a while now, since I started looking at Lego again, and figured I'd sign up and join the discussions from time to time. I grew up with Lego being my toy of choice right after GI Joe and they often shared play dates. I'm in the process of sorting out my modest collection and deciding where to go with my collecting.

Right now I buy Super Hero sets because I'm a recovering comic nerd, although I'm saving them for an awesome birthday or Christmas when my toddlers are truly old enough to enjoy them. Until then I've been buying the TMNT sets because my oldest loves, nay LOVES, the current cartoon and I think it's great as well. I open those and play with him from time to time. I buy the occasional city set just for fun and I build a train for some of my favorite holidays which is a favorite activity for my kids as well.

Budgets being an issue I have yet to really jump into the awesome modular stuff but at some point I might change my mind on that and just sell a kidney.

I'll end my intro with a quick story. When I was a kid we had some foster kids move in with us and it hit me super hard. In my yearly letter to Santa I wrote about how things have changed and in the response I got, not from my parents as I dropped the letter into a blue mailbox, I also got a Lego Pirate Ship. This would have been the early 90s. It was awesome and while I don't still have the complete set I've decided I'm going to rebrick it from what I still have because it's actually once of my favorite Lego memories and I loved that set (though I need to sort out which one it was exactly).


  • JoeZilchJoeZilch Member Posts: 6
    I guess it would have made sense to start the discussion with the following:

    Hello people.
  • rancorbaitrancorbait Manitoba CanadaMember Posts: 1,850
    Hello, and welcome :o)
  • OdinduskOdindusk Member Posts: 763
    edited May 2014
    Welcome. A quick bit of advice that I learned from myself as an adult collector:

    If your budget for LEGO is limited (and whose isn't these days?) -- during those moments when you're about to drop $15 or $30 on a set, bank it instead. Do that for a few instances and pool that money into an "adult" set. Soon you'll have enough for a modular or a large Technic set (or w/e your tastes are) and the experience is soooo much more rewarding than a handful of "small" LEGO sets. Just my opinion of course. Nothing quite compares to opening a LEGO box with 2000+ pieces in it.
  • KirstyL21KirstyL21 South AfricaMember Posts: 27
    Welcome and to @Odindusk - great advice but how does one overcome that burning desire to own EVERY single one. It is so difficult ... Food or Lego? Clothes or Lego? Decisions decisions!!
  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 18,468
    Another quick bit of advice that I learned as an adult collector:

    Don't share your second childhood with your kids, share their first.

    Or in other words, play with their lego with them, and with yours by yourself. I know that sounds mean and "Daddy's not sharing", but it (i) keeps the better lego in decent condition and (ii) means you get to play with them on their terms, rather than skewing their builds towards more adult stuff too early. Some of the stuff my kids build is so creative in that only a kid would have thought to build it. Let them enjoy that - in this sense, a big mixed up bucket of lego is great compared to neatly stored sets that cannot be mixed up with parts interchanged.
  • StuBoyStuBoy New ZealandMember Posts: 623
    JoeZilch said:

    Budgets being an issue I have yet to really jump into the awesome modular stuff but at some point I might change my mind on that and just sell a kidney.

    Hey, great tip, thanks! I'm forever a few sets behind and can't seem to catch up with the new releases. Maybe now I can :)

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