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Best way to sell incomplete sets?

ShpadoinkleShpadoinkle 13 hours West of BillundMember Posts: 418
I am thinking of selling most of my SW system sets off to make room. Most are bagged separately and still have their boxes and instructions. However, I've really got into minifig display cases and will be holding onto many of the figures. In the past I've only really sold complete sets on eBay and craigslist but have not tried selling incomplete sets (with some minifigs missing.)

I understand that I'm likely in for a significant percentage hit on value.

So does anyone have experience selling incomplete sets? What is the best venue? Best way to go about it? Should I just sell in lots or sell the sets individually with the line that some minifigs are missing? Any advice is appreciated.


  • KLSKLS Member Posts: 25
    Personally, I sell mine on my local ebay, i research for the cheapest boxed set and usually slash my prices half based on that. I'd term it as Loose Complete - No Minifigs. Ideal for MOC and customisers. You'd be surprised there will be buyers who will get it for the set/vehicle or spare parts, if the price is right, of course. Good luck!
  • TheLoneTensorTheLoneTensor MericaMember Posts: 3,950
    There may be surprising buyers out there, but with no minifigs/used/incomplete, unfortunately you've pretty much hit the primary trifecta of things that will drive down a price. Don't be too disappointed when these go for much lower than you expect.
  • ShpadoinkleShpadoinkle 13 hours West of BillundMember Posts: 418
    I don't expect them to go for too much, again, I understand that this will affect the value considerably.

    One thing I did want to make clear is that I'm not talking about no minifigures at all, just the unique ones. Like if there is a unique Jedi or clone trooper to a set. Basically the most valuable minifigures, but not all of the minifigures. ;-)
  • ColoradoBricksColoradoBricks Denver, CO, USAMember Posts: 1,640
    @Shpadoinkle, to avoid confusion, I would list the set without minifigs and then list the extra minifigs separately. I have been successful doing this on both eBay and BrickLink, however all incomplete sets were new.
  • ShpadoinkleShpadoinkle 13 hours West of BillundMember Posts: 418
    That's an excellent idea! Thanks!
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