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Wanted: Wonder Woman, Robin, Princess Leia, Lando, Jawa, Yockda, Admiral Ackbar, Emperor Palpatine

kuwaharakuwahara Member Posts: 234

After building a nice frame for the Simpsons CMF, I've decided to do the same for Star Wars and Super Heroes but need a few key figures.

Was about to hit E-bay, but have so many spares of bits and pieces picked up over the last couple of years I though I'd try my luck here first!

I've done a couple of trades on here before but a while back now. Can provide E-bay user name also if needed.

My wants are (must all be in as new condition and complete with accessories - no magnets, keyrings or custom figs please):

Super Heroes - Wonder Woman (from set 6862), Robin (from set 10672 or 7855)

Star Wars - Lando Calrissian (from set 7754), Admiral Ackbar (from set 7754), Jawa and R5D4 (from either 10144 or75059), Princess Leia (from either 7965 or 10198), Emperor Palpatine (from set 8096), Yoda (from 75002)

I'm sure I've missed some of the sets these were in so happy to consider other sets.

Have loads of stuff all sealed including:

Friends Series 1 (complete set)
Friends 30108
Hobbit 30213
Batman 30160
Batman 30161
LoTR Frodo 30210
LoTR Urak 30211
City Race Car 30150
City Police Copter 30018
City Police Boat 30017
City Police Copter 30014
City Fire Car 30010
City 30152
Lone Ranger 30260
Chima 30254
Alien Conquest 30141
Star Wars Star Destroyer 30053
Star Wars ATST 30054
Star Wars Rep Attack Cruiser 30053
Star Wars Vulture Droid 30055
Star Wars 8028 Tie Fighter
Star Wars 5000062 Darth Maul
Racers 7452, 7611
PoTC Black Pearl 30130
Harry Potter 30110
Cars Grem 30121
Pharaohs Quest 30090, 30091
Toy Story 30072, 30073
Creator 30024 Truck
Creator 40049 Sopworth Camel
Ninjago 5000030, 30080, 30082, 30083, 30085, 30086, 30087
Harry Potter 30111
Ninjago Aytar Booster Pack

All sealed (am pretty sure I've felt them correctly but will double check before any deal
Simpsons; Homer, Maggie (x2)
Series 3 (Evil Alien, Monkey, Mummy, Tennis Player, Fisherman)
Series 4 (Wolf Man, Nuclear Guy)
Series 5 (Evil Dwarf, Queens Guard)
Series 6 (Sleep Head, Lady Liberty, Bandit, Robot)
Series 7 (Swimmer, Bride, Rock Girl, Viking Lady)
Series 9 (Police Man, Cyclops, Evil Man with top hat, Waiter, Plumber)
Series 10 (Roman)
Series 11 (Tarzan Guy)
Also got a complete set of sealed series 3 if you have a few of my wants.

Also got a few loose spares (Red Riding Hood, Fairy, Evil Space Guy, Evil Knight, Mermaid, Lizard Guy, Film Star, Nuclear Guy, Lady Elf, Yeti, Evil Robot, Scottish Guy, Lady and Male Viking, Good Knight, Aztec Guy, Cyclops, Fisherman, Lady Scientist)

Top Gear Stig
Star Wars Kit Fisto
Star Wars Royal Guard

Figures (from brand new sets where I've taken the figs I wanted):
Lois Lane, General Zoo, War Machine, Aldrich Killian, Deadpool, Magneto

Also have a few sealed now retired sets (including Harry Potter, City, Star Wars etc), if you have a few of my wants to trade.

Thanks for looking

Any questions just PM me.


  • bobabricksbobabricks Member Posts: 1,842
    which country are you in?
  • kuwaharakuwahara Member Posts: 234
    Sorry yes I'm in the UK (Aylesbury)

    Also forgot I'm also after a Tusken Raider.


  • kuwaharakuwahara Member Posts: 234
    Me again, should add I would like to trade in UK only.
  • carlqcarlq Member Posts: 792
    Think you meant #7885, not #7855? The latter is train tracks. :-)
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