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WTT for City, Lego Movie, CMF H: Lots (US)

skullboyskullboy Member Posts: 197
Would prefer to trade. Prices do not include shipping. US only.

Harry Potter (Boxes are very worn)
#4706 Forbidden Corridor (replaced one smooth grey square with a tan one to make it complete, w/box and instructions) $40

#7945 Fire Station (complete/ with instructions) $70
#7207 Fire Boat (missing a piece or 2 for the top cabin, w/instructions) $40
#7741 Police Helicopter (complete w/instructions) $5
#7285 Police Dog Transport Unit (complete w/instructions) $12

Toy Story
#7597 Western Train Chase (new in box) $80

Star Wars

#9488 Complete w/instructions $6

Lord of the Rings
#9473 Mines of Moria (new in box) $70

Lego Castle
#70402 The Gatehouse Raid $20

Marvel and DC Superheroes Minifigures
Scarecrow (arkham asylum)

Marvel (Mainly just want the minifigures)
#76018 Hulk Lab Smash
#76016 Spider Helicopter Rescue
#76015 Doc Ock Truck Heist

Minifigs Series 1
Zombie from series 1 or Halloween 3 pack (want multiples)
Crazy Scientist

Lego Movie
#70808 Super Cycle Chase
#70803 Cloud Cuckoo Palace

Lego City can be loose but must be complete and in good condition
Various Buildings (gas station, stores, trains, minifigs, etc.)

#7235 Police Bike x many
#60021 Cargo Heliplane
#60042 High Speed Police Chase
#60048 Police Dog Unit
#60056 Tow Truck
#60058 SuV with Watercraft
#60060 Auto Transporter
#7280, 7281 Street Baseplates
#7642 Garage
#7993 Gas Station
#779348 Lego Community
#4207 Garage
#5610 Builder
#5887 Dino HQ
#7296 Dino 4wD Trapper
#7744 Police HQ

Also want Pirates, Tiki Warriors sets
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