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LostInTranslation: Hi from High Wycombe, and has anyone been to Legoland DK?

LostInTranslationLostInTranslation Member Posts: 5,572
edited September 2011 in Introduce yourself
After posting here a few times, I’ve decided that it would be a good idea if I introduced myself a bit! My name is Lucy and, as is probably obvious from my username, I’m a translator of texts from French, German and Spanish into English, living in High Wycombe.

I’ve always been into Lego since childhood, and that’s all due to my big brother indoctrinating me at a young age (which also accounts for my love of Star Wars, Indy and Tintin). So thanks for that @robnwcc! He had loads of classic space and town sets; unfortunately I can’t really work out which ones they were, though there are still a couple of boxes of Lego bits n bobs at my parents’ house. As I was growing up, I had Fabuland, Town, Pirates, Paradisa and Space sets which I have now repatriated to my own home, and have spent many a fun hour rebuilding using downloaded instructions.

I don’t think I’ve had a proper Dark Ages, just a Fairly Murky decade starting in my teens when I was only buying the occasional set – mostly Star Wars and Harry Potter (and man am I glad I did get some of those early Star Wars sets because it would cost me a fortune to play catch up now!) – and not really keeping up with what was being released. Maybe that is a Dark Ages after all? Around a year ago my brother sent me a picture of the Lego Jack Sparrow at ComicCon which kind of reignited my love of Lego (I’m a massive POTC fan), and since then I’ve discovered sites like Brickset and decided that I am really going to treat my Lego purchasing as a serious collecting hobby and, well, I’ve been expanding my collection ever since!

Next month, I’m going on a kind of pilgrimage to Legoland Billund, the home of Lego, which I am mega-excited about!! I was just wondering if anyone has been there and can let me know if I should be expecting to spend a fortune while I am there. I know Denmark is a pretty expensive country so I guess it probably won’t be worth buying regular sets but does anyone know if they have exclusive sets there? Also any tips or suggestions about what I absolutely should not miss would be appreciated :-)


  • MinifigsMeMinifigsMe Member Posts: 2,844
    edited August 2011
    Hi Lucy! Nice to have another british girl around the place. I was feeling lonely :)

    I'm jealous that you have some paradisa - I completely missed all of that. My dark ages were very long, despite the fact that I always went to the lego store when I visited friends in Brighton.

    I've no advice for DK, but I'm very jealous, and looking forward to hearing about it when you're back
  • LegoboyLegoboy Member Posts: 8,825
    ^ Yes, welcome Lucy. It's not so much a female LEGO nut that I'm excited about but rather a female LEGO nut that lives just 15 minutes from me. Just kidding. Well, I say that. The nuts I do know live miles away.

    Had a quick peek at your collection and you seem to have quite a few of the old Star Wars classics. I wish to Christ I had had an older brother to provide me with the subconscious spell required to keep me from my Dark Ages. Would have saved me a fortune too!

    As with Savage, I can't help you out with DK but am dead jealous.
  • legomattlegomatt Member Posts: 2,543
    I once played an online civilisation type game with someone called Lucy - at the time she was studying languages at UWE, to become a translator.

  • LostInTranslationLostInTranslation Member Posts: 5,572
    ^ Not me, I'm afraid. I went to the University of Nottingham.

    ^^ Nice to meet a local fellow Lego fan! Yes, I'm lucky to have my bro, though people do say we are so alike it's a bit spooky. I think his Star Wars collection is more impressive than mine, he's bought quite a lot off Ebay, partly for his seven-year-old, partly for himself! I take credit for my nephew's new love of POTC though; he saw Auntie Lucy's Cannibal Escape and realised all the possibilities for swashbuckling adventures!

    ^^^ We do seem to be a bit thin on the ground don't we? I have realised since joining Brickset how lucky I am to still have my old childhood sets like Fabuland and Paradisa, for the most part complete too (wish I'd had Dolphin Point though!).
  • MinifigsMeMinifigsMe Member Posts: 2,844
    My sister and her kids have our childhood sets, but there weren't many, despite our love of them. My sis enjoys Lego now too, but hasn't jumped into buying them, other than for the kids.

    I, on the other hand have spent a fortune, and bought a LOT of fabuland. I think it's my favourite :)
  • warrenelsmorewarrenelsmore Member Posts: 77
    I've been to Billund a few times now. Sadly, your chances of finding any exclusives are little-to-none. The PaB wall in the Danish park is pretty good though and I've found a few small things that are exclusive to Billund in the Hotel before (LEGO Post-its!)
    Though if by 'next month' you mean the AFOL Weekend in Skaerbaek then you'll stand a much better chance! And if you are, make sure to say 'hi'! strange co-incidence, although I didn't go to the University of Nottingham, my wife did (and she's an AFOL) and I did hang around there alot too ;-)
  • bluemoosebluemoose Member Posts: 1,716
    Next month, I’m going on a kind of pilgrimage to Legoland Billund ...
    Hi & welcome to the forums :-)

    I've been to Billund a few times now, both as a tourist & at the invitation of the company. The town of Billund is pretty small & there isn't a lot there ... I assume you're staying at least one night? Hotel Legoland is basic but nice; it's very close to the park (some of the hotel is actually in the park) & it has it's own entrance to the park direct from the hotel ... you can see the room my wife & I stayed in here ...
    ... it is expensive though & I'm glad we didn't have to pay for the room ourself :-)
    They have a few very nice models in the hotel ...

    There are a few places to eat in the town, but they are fairly basic - mostly pizza places & take-aways. Also, they aren't cheap. Especially the beer. 'Restaurant Billund' ... ... is probably the best of them, but has some weird rules about not sharing dishes ... it's an experience that everyone who visits Billund should experience once.

    If you go into town, look out for the 'Lion House', Ole Kirk's family home & workshop in the 1930s & now the company's private museum ...
    (there's a very nice bakery just down the street ;-) )
    It's also been released as a special set for those that went on the 'inside tour'

    The park is great; last time I was there (about 18 months ago), they had the best pick-a-brick wall I've ever seen ... but also the most expensive. I've heard that it has shrunk a little recently. The had some unique items (mugs, t-shirts, novelty glued brick items), but no unique sets.

    Have you got any specific questions?

    BTW ... if you haven't thought about it, I can recommend joining the Brickish Association, the british AFOL group. From time to time, AFOL groups are invited to visit Billund (at our own expense) for a tour of the factory, something that is only normally available to the public as part of the (very expensive) 'Inside Tour'. We don't get all the free stuff that they get on the 'inside tour', but it's still pretty cool :-)
  • LostInTranslationLostInTranslation Member Posts: 5,572
    Wow, thanks for all that info! I'm staying 3 nights at the legoland hotel. I was debating a budget hotel at the airport then decided just to go for the whole lego experience. I will definitely check out the museum (and probably the bakery too!) I can't think of anything specific at the mo but I'm sure I will come up with some to pester you with before I go!

    It's funny you should mention the Brickish Association; I actually downloaded a form and sent off a cheque to join a couple if weeks ago but not heard anything yet. I figured the person responsible may just be on their holidays :-) I should probably see if the money's gone off and follow it up actually.
  • HuwHuw Administrator Posts: 7,076
    Welcome Lucy, good to have you on-board!

    You'll enjoy LLD and the hotel which is fantastic, but as others have said, expensive, particularly the alcohol (so take a hip flask :-) )

    If you have time it's worth walking down from the hotel into the town past the LEGO offices and the GKK memorial, then just round the corner you can see the design labs. In fact as you'll notice half of Billund seems to be owned by LEGO :-)

    If you don't hear from Emma about your BA membership let us know and we can chase. I'm a founder member and bluemoose's wife is on the committee.
  • drdavewatforddrdavewatford Administrator Posts: 6,754
    Welcome, Lucy - glad you got round to posting your intro !

    Looking forward to meeting you via Brickish, and have fun on the forum !
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