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Craiglist Poly scam in Charlotte, NC

ecmo47ecmo47 North CarolinaMember Posts: 2,062
edited May 2014 in Buying & Selling Topics

I've been in lengthy communication with this person and they say that they are going to sell them to me. I’m 5 hours away so if I were to buy this lot, I would send money and the person would send them to me. Im sure that some of the local area folks have responded and perhaps you would like to compare notes on your dealings with this person.

- Sellers name is Ann (but writes like a guy)
- Does not have a Paypal account so payment would be via Greendot card. I would purchase the card and send them the number so they could withdraw funds.
- Got all these polys from their sister who works for Lego in Texas.
- Can't meet me 1/2 way because car is broke.
- Leaving for Ohio today (amazing!) and travels a lot for business.
- Was going to meet a local person last night (7 May) but in the course of the conversation said that they didn’t get home until after 10:00 PM.
- Has ignored repeated requests for an inventory (or dated photo) of more valuable polys. From the pictures, he may have 2 Gold C3PO's, 10 Chrome Vaders, 2 white Boba's, a Nuremberg Darth Vader, and many other valuable polys.
- Claims to have spent an hour with a lady on 6 May (the day it was posted) and she only wanted to pay $2.00 per poly. She had a crying child and he gave them some polys just to get rid of them.
- Wants me to pay 1/2 now and trusts me to pay the other half once I receive the shipment. I can send back any polys that I’m not satisfied with.
- Just for the record, I told him that if he had all the ploys shown in the pictures, the value of the collection would be around $3200.00 (Bricklink average price). My offer was $1200.00.
- Was going to ship all of the polys in 1 large flat rate box.
- Has 288 ploys total (even after giving some to the crying child).

Anyway, it’s been an interesting conversation as the Craigslist poster has been very verbose. Anyone else respond?


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