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KLSKLS Member Posts: 25
edited May 2014 in Introduce yourself
I'm from Singapore, kinda new participating in the forums here but like many, have grown up playing with LEGO to affectionately grown to collecting them albeit selectively these days, with the usual excuse of space constraints. I collect predominantly figs from 80% of the themes and selected iconic sets from each line. I'm having a difficult time at the moment sorting out my figs, dilemma on how best to segregate and display them. They're mostly in ziplocks.

These are roughly the amount of figs i have amassed so far:
(excluding some of those convention exclusives)

SW: 70% up to date (fleshies only)
SUPERHEROES: 70% up to date (2012 Onwards)
INDY: 90%
TLR: 100%
POP: 100%
HP: 100% (fleshies only)
NINJAGO: 50% (ninjas only)
CMFs: 80% (sans Mr Gold, might get a good custom vers)

A handful figs from the pirates and castle line. I'm falling for the Chima figs but these are coming out way too many too fast for me to collect all. When i'm not working, i'm ebaying for the missing figs in my collection, usually starting out focused only on one line, eventually getting distracted by the other lines. Slowly delving into quality customs, especially clones and other pop-culture figs (WW2, GoT etc) and Kre-O Transformers figs and some iconic sets, OP, BB etc, hehe.

Sets wise, trains (missed the Emerald Night, now waiting for a decent used set to pop up), iconic pop-culture / exclusive sets (VW Van, Sopwith, Space Shuttle, BBTF, GB etc). I love the Modulars but missed on the first three sets and feel it's no longer worth my effort and time to invest in it, plus don't have the space for them. Another line i want to jump in is the Archi sets, but these too, esp the bigger ones cost a bomb, takes up space and hard for me to justify the purchase with no unique figs, but great display pieces for sur whoever has read this far, cheers for taking the time. Always nice to hang around like minded collectors. God bless Brickset (Huw) for all my cataloging needs and everyone here! See ya fellas around the site/forums. :)


  • BrickDancerBrickDancer Dunes of TatooineMember Posts: 3,639
    Welcome to Brickset @KLS! Another fig lover here also. There's a good chunk of us here on this board, so you're in good company.
  • KLSKLS Member Posts: 25
    @BrickDancer Good to know...cheers buddy see ya around! :)
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