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FS/ All the parts required for the Arvo Brother's MOC - Kaneda's Bike from Akira.

packatrixpackatrix Member Posts: 5

I've collected all the parts for the bike, from all over the world, even the really rare/HTF pieces. I'm not selling the design, or the instructions, you'll need to buy a copy of the really great book that the brothers put together. (I'm keeping mine). You can buy it by contacting them at: [email protected]

It's taken over 4 months to get a complete set of parts together and cost quite a bit. A lot of people are still hunting for the red x-pod container tops, the red 5x5 Scala dishes, the red 2x2x2 turntables, and the big Technic F1 1:8 tyre.

It's up on eBay if you'd like to take a look... I really need to get some better photos taken this weekend!

It's a great build, with some fantastic techniques. The parts they've chosen often feel like they were designed with Kaneda's bike in mind they look so good.
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