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  • AstrobricksAstrobricks Minnesota, USMember Posts: 3,478
    ^ Why the weird silhouette?
  • Corg86Corg86 BC CanadaMember Posts: 1
    Newest Submission ! Santa Clause Is Comin'To Town S.D. Kluger and Mail Truck
  • XandEmaGabXandEmaGab ItalyMember Posts: 5
    Hi everyone, I thought I'd open this discussion to allow you to support the projects that everyone will propose in lego ideas ...
  • XandEmaGabXandEmaGab ItalyMember Posts: 5
    To start I wanted to show you my project which can be supported at the following link ...
  • Jimmi_DKJimmi_DK DenmarkMember Posts: 7
    This is a model of the original PAC-MAN arcade game cabinet from 1980. It has lights to illuminate the screen and the sign just like the real arcade machine.

    Support it here:

  • ddinddin UKMember Posts: 3
    edited November 20
    Lego DNA:
    Hi Everyone!

    I wanted to show you all a science-themed MOC I made: a detailed Lego model of
    the DNA structure with the history of its discovery (pictures added). The DNA
    structure is based on a platform with 2 science labs and 4 scientists (Rosalind
    Franklin, Maurice Wilkins, James Watson, and Francis Crick). The labs also have
    2 camera microscopes used to take images of DNA samples, as well
    as other laboratory instruments, e.g. Erlenmeyer flasks. The set aims to promote
    science and honor the scientists, e.g. Rosalind Franklin. The famous Photo 51
    image is also included!

    The project is currently on Lego Ideas
    If you like the set, please consider supporting it and sharing it with others, especially on social media (project time is also running low)!
    Hope you like it. I'd love to hear your feedback!


  • gnomexpressgnomexpress FranceMember Posts: 1
    Hi Everyone !

    Here is my project representing the iconic bumper car ride that almost everyone knows. Composed of 2755 parts, this carousel contains a large track on which 8 small cars can collide easily, accessible through the open roof. Ticket purchase can be done via the cashier located at the edge of the track. The roof of this cashier is removable to allow interactions with minifigures.

    Classic of the fairs that appeared at the end of the 1920s, I created this concept to offer a gaming experience to players of all ages but also to propose a collection model for collectors. Who has never taken a ride in these little cars? Get on board and collide for the other cars… Relive your childhood memories with this ride.

    This carousel would be a perfect complement to the sets already available in the Attraction range. I hope you will love this ensemble as much as I do, and I am counting on your support to make it a reality.

  • daikoncatdaikoncat Member Posts: 3
    Just sharing an update to my project. I am hoping I can earn some support from folks in this forum :)

    VR-052F Cyclone Ride-Armor (Scott Bernard Type) from the 80's animated series Robotech/Mospeada

    Lego Ideas Project Page
    Video of transformation

    I hope you like it:

    Thank you!

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