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Hello from ArtfulDodger

I'm a 34-year old AFOL. I've recently gotten back into Legos after a long hiatus (~20 years). My son will be 4 later this month, and we've been bonding over Legos. He's pretty good with Legos, and adheres to the number one rule: We don't put Legos in our mouth. I remember from when I played with my Legos in my early teens, and having to perform a self-Heimlich because I was using my teeth to get some parts apart. Alas, while I had since learned my lesson about using teeth for parts separation, a large number of my old Legos do have teeth marks on them.

I've recently been setting up a lot of my old Legos from when I was young. A lot of the stickers are fading or falling off, and the bricks are definitely off-color. I did find some suggestions on how to clean my old blocks (hydrogen peroxide in a glass jar sitting out in the sun), and it would be nice to find some replacements for the stickers. I have the old Exxon gas station, and it would be nice to re-sticker some parts to make gas pumps. Is it just me, or do the old Lego buildings seem less structurally stable than the newer ones?

About 5 years ago, I had gotten a box of random Lego parts online, and just recently I went through it. It was quite interesting to see how some odd parts were overly represented. I think that box had about 40 Lego ants in it! It is kind of fun to go through it and sort the parts, and try to come up with ideas on how to use these odd parts that I have in abundance. I would like to get some more bulk Legos, and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions or guidelines for obtaining bulk Legos online. What is a good price per pound for bulk random Legos?

I recently put together the Batman helicopter, and was pleasantly surprised by how durable it was. My son and I were chasing each other around the house with them, and that thing took a beating with practically no damage. In contrast, an old Police helicopter I had reassembled could barely take a jostle without falling apart.

I like how this site posts Lego bargains. I regret not acting sooner on the Lone Ranger train discount, as my son is big into trains and his birthday is coming up. Instead, I got him a SpongeBob set at a rather large markup (~300%). Its too bad SpongeBob has been discontinued, though it is funny that we got a lot of random SpongeBob parts in that random box of Legos. I think we have ~40 of the Plankton minis.


  • theLEGOmantheLEGOman Member Posts: 1,524
    Welcome, the Constitution Train set does look nice, I picked it up earlier at Tescos, there are lots of nice sets around at the moment.

    You'll find some good deals around to get him something i'm sure.
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