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[US] LEGO bundles, assorted themes

rocaorocao Administrator Posts: 4,290
edited August 2011 in Shopping USA/Canada
Hi all,

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that is offering bundles from assorted themes that represent 19-40% savings off of MSRP. Good price on the Marina & Harbor but I already own one of each and the sets are quite mediocre so I don't think I'm going to jump.

They can be found at:

Notable bundles:
4644 & 4645: Marina & Harbor - $99 (40% off MSRP)
2259 & 2263: Ninjago Skull Motorbike & Turbo Shredder - $29 (33% off MSRP)
7961 & 7962: Sith Infiltrator & Podracers - $129 (20% off MSRP)
4866 & 4867: HP Knight Bus & Hogwarts - $69 (19% off MSRP)


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