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Hello all ...

KirstyL21KirstyL21 South AfricaMember Posts: 27
I joined the forum and Brickset today and had a great deal of fun entering the sets I own and some of the sets I would like to own. As a AFOL I live in Johannesburg South Africa and though we do have several Lego brand stores, as well as nicely stocked Toy stores, like all other non USA countries we are restricted in what we can get our itchy paws on. No special Poly packs with orders and most distressing ... no Architecture Studio and Master Builder Academy. *Sigh*. We are also very far behind in the release of products so I end up dry mouthed while drooling over new products and waiting months for them to get within my wallets reach. I am STILL waiting ever so patiently for the Winter Village Market to be available for purchase here. I am a bit OCD and most interested in storage ideas. At the moment I have 3 methods of storage. All my Creator sets are in their (carefully opened) boxes with my own custom made partitions for bricks and plates while all small parts are kept in plastic containers with lids, but still within the boxes. My Winter Village sets are all mixed up but still within the original boxes with custom partitions. The bricks and plates and plastic containers divided across the boxes in the range. Mostly I build all these models over long weekends so I do not mind that all the boxes come out to play. I am starting with the collection of Friends sets soon and I think I will adopt this method for these sets. The third method is for my Mixels who each have their own plastic tub within a bigger storage box. I discarded the Poly Bags ... perhaps a mistake. Oh well .... Well that is me in a nutshell I look forward to future chats.


  • romanstarromanstar Member Posts: 197
    hi ya kirsty.shame you cant get the sets you need in south africa.i like your detailed first post ;-) lol
  • pastelnerdpastelnerd Member Posts: 34
    Hi Kirsty, nice to meet you.
  • KirstyL21KirstyL21 South AfricaMember Posts: 27
    Many thanks for the Hellos ...
  • HuwHuw Brickset Towers, Hampshire, UKAdministrator Posts: 6,333
    Welcome aboard Kirst.

    Storage is a problem we all have and is something that evolves as your collection becomes bigger.

    I predict, now you've joined Brickset, you'll soon be at the stage where it takes over the entire cupboard/room/house you have allocated for it :-)
  • KirstyL21KirstyL21 South AfricaMember Posts: 27
    Thank you Huw. And yes ... even with my small collection of 20 or so sets, I have overflowed the "allocated" cupboard into a wooden chest. I am sure if I forgo the obsession to keep models in their respective boxes and split pieces out into storage boxes I could save space (and by "save" I mean I would have space for more LEGO) ... so that evolution you speak of may happen sooner than I think.
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