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Hi! I'm Jedijason

I'm new to the forums but have been a member of Brickset for a couple years now.

As you can guess by my name, I'm a Star Wars fan. I love the movies and all the merch that goes with it. I have been a Lego fan since I was a young boy and now I have 2 sons to share my love of the brick.

Of all the sets I've ever had, my favorites are, in no particular order:
UCS X-wing
UCS Star Destroyer
Death Star (10188)
UCS TIE Interceptor
Galaxy Explorer
UCS Darth Maul
UCS Yoda

I have a large collection of anything Star Wars, GI Joe, Hot Wheels, and videogames.

Glad to be here!


  • rancorbaitrancorbait Member Posts: 1,842
    Welcome from another Star Wars fan!
  • OldfanOldfan Member Posts: 704
    Welcome from a like-minded Star Wars fan. My basement in the Chicago suburbs is filled with SW action figures and sets, GI Joe, and of course lots of LEGO.

    Glad to see that Galaxy Explorer made it into your top-sets list. Classic set!
  • bobabricksbobabricks Member Posts: 1,842
    Classic Space is always the best, there's just nothing like it anymore :)

    Welcome to the forums Jason :)
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