What is set 8232??

steelsteel Member Posts: 12
I ask, because I recently got the instruction booklet, but when I went on Peeron to check the parts list it shows a completely different model? My booklet shows a boat/hydrofoil thing and Peeron (and all google searches) come up with a helicopter set called "Chopper Force" ?? HELP!


  • binaryeyebinaryeye USMember Posts: 1,734
    It looks like the helicopter is the "A" model and the boat is the "B" model.
  • LusiferSamLusiferSam MontanaMember Posts: 480
    Technic sets of this period often had two sets of instruction, A and B models like binaryeye said. This set sounds like it had two books. It's a little odd Peeron doesn't have both sets of instructions scanned, but not unheard of.
  • steelsteel Member Posts: 12
    So there should be 2 booklets for one set?
  • LusiferSamLusiferSam MontanaMember Posts: 480
    Yes. See this eBay auction.
  • steelsteel Member Posts: 12
    Thanks. :-)
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