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Lubrication - especially for technic sets

sramsram Member Posts: 60
edited August 2011 in Building and Techniques
I recently finished building 8265 - Front Loader. I also read some of the reviews on Brickset -- especially this one:

It got me started thinking about lubrication. There is a great page on Lugnet that collates previous thought on this subject:

Clearly there was no consensus, and lubes that do work well tend to creep and/or attract dust.

So, some other judicious search phrases later I discovered that the folks that compete with rubik's cube lubricate their ABS based cubes for speed contests:

So was wondering if anyone has had a chance to try anything new for lubricating Lego parts. The Front Loader definitely has a tight set of gears that could use lubrication. I wonder if the actuators are part of the problem.

Anyways appreciate any insight you folks may have, thanks!


  • julian977julian977 UKMember Posts: 65
    Has anyone tried silicone spray (like you use to shine up your car dashboard)?

    It would be very messy sprayed on (I would apply it to a paper towel first and wipe on) bit might be good for sliding parts under some sort of sideways pressure. Say for example a brick sliding across the top of a tile, or an axle that slides freely (or stickily) through a hole as part of a larger mechanism.

    Window manufacturers use a slightly modified version of this between large heavy sheets of glass so they can be moved more easily and allow a bit of 'slide'. I can confirm that even a tiny 'overspray' of this on an object at at waist height makes your wooden floor plus socks a rather dangerous combination and last for several alarming 'skids'!
  • sramsram Member Posts: 60
    I think the issue is that it attracts dust. I have been a little wary of using it -- as it is not clear how to clean it up if you are not satisfied.
  • nodnarb162nodnarb162 Member Posts: 58
    i know this reply is like to months late but i wanted to input my opinion as both a rubiks and lego fan :P if you do decide to go with any lube. research it carefully, i know some lubes will ruin the plastic and i have stayed away from lubeing my puzzles in fear that i will ruin them, so i cant really give a recomendation. i have only ever bought pre lubed cubes with the intent of using them for speed cubing until they fall apart anyways.
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