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OK, At 34 I bought my first Technic set (with 2 more on the way!!)

OirishKevOirishKev Member Posts: 5
edited August 2011 in Building and Techniques
So Box is opened and I'm presented with a load of bags. Do I just open em all? Or am I meant to open one specific bag?


  • rocaorocao Administrator Posts: 4,284
    What set is it? Are the bags numbered?

    If the bags are numbered, then they correspond to a booklet (subset) of the instructions to make sorting and building easier.

    If they're not numbered, then the order that you open them doesn't matter, but like all LEGO sets, you're going to need to open all the bags to complete the model :P
  • LegoboyLegoboy 100km furtherMember Posts: 8,686
    Congratulations. My first was a Technic 3 years ago. As Rocao said, if numbered...... I'm guessing by the fact that you've no doubt opened the instruction manual and following the warning not to sort the pieces on a long-pile carpet you've not been faced with instructions to open by numbered...they're not numbered. Open all the bags and empty leaving their contents separate from other bags. Whilst building, you'll get to know what's in each bag.

    Again, congratulations and get ready to spend a fortune! :-)
  • OirishKevOirishKev Member Posts: 5
    edited August 2011
    OK an update:
    I opened them all into one pile. :D got start and only made one serious error which took me 5-10 minutes to figure out what was going wrong. I sat there all last night till nearly 2am (started at 8) building the 8265 (front loader). Sadly it has come to a grinding halt right at the end. I now have a 80% complete model with 2 problems.
    1. In order to mount the arms to the front loader I need a grey no.5 rod. Problem: I don't have one! Its not in the box. I am short of tearing the model up and starting again just to check I didn't use it but I'm 95% sure I haven't.
    2. If I lift it off the ground the wheels and engine block all move. If I try push it on the ground it doesn't work. Have I screwed up on the gear boxes?

    Thanks for the Welcome. This kit was discontinued and discounted in Toys 'R' US at £40. It looked huge compared to the cherry picker truck from this year (which I also want - 8071) so I decided to get it.

    I also have the Unimog and the flatbed truck from this year on order as we speak. I bought the front loader as a learning curve! So Spending a fortune has already begun!

    Is there a technic only section to the forum?
  • LegoboyLegoboy 100km furtherMember Posts: 8,686
    edited August 2011
    ^ Hi again. From what you've told us, I suspect you've mistakenly used your No. 5 rod/axle in an incorrect position. Given the multiple problems you are facing - jamming gears etc., it might not be the only piece wrong.

    As painful as it sounds, I'd suggest starting again. Sorry! If you're concerned that parts might be missing, group them up and check them off against an inventory before starting again. If there are pieces missing, get on to TLG and they'll have replacement parts out to you quick enough.
  • OirishKevOirishKev Member Posts: 5
    I tore it apart in chunks tonight and found one of the diffs was back to front. No more jamming gears. Just no no.5 rod either ;)
  • OirishKevOirishKev Member Posts: 5
    Looking forward to getting the unimog now.
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