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WANTED: Some CMF stands, happy to buy or trade (UK)

TheOneVeyronianTheOneVeyronian Member Posts: 1,372
Hello all!

It's probably a long shot I know, but I have ended up needing quite a quantity of CMF stands (at least 50) for a display project I'm working on, and, of course, not one UK Bricklink store has that quantity (when I last looked)! So I thought I'd ask the Brickset community first to see if anyone possibly had any spare that they would like to trade or sell to me. New or used, it doesn't matter too much.

I don't actually have a lot to trade unless anyone's looking for a Legolas poly or a Victor minifig from #79119 - otherwise it'll have to be outright purchase.

If you think you can be of help to a fellow Bricksetter, shoot me a PM. The more spare stands you have to sell or trade, the better! I'd prefer trading or dealing within the UK.

I'm fairly busy at the moment, and I may not be able to reply to PM's straight away, but I will reply as soon as I can.



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