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FS 79012 Mirkwood Elf Army minifigures etc! (UK based)

LobotLobot Member Posts: 1,029

I've got two complete sets of minifigures from 79012 (6 x minifigures, plus accessories, and Dark Brown Warg). Everything is brand new and unassembled. I'm looking for around £12 per set, but happy to consider offers, or sell individual figures.

I've also got the following sets (all new):

79014 - Dol Guldor Battle (excluding minifigures, skeleton, statue and catapult!)
79004 - Barrel Escape (excluding minifigures and accessories)
79012 - Mirkwood Elf Army (excluding minifigures, accessories and Warg!)
75017 - Duel on Geonosis (new and sealed)

SW minifigures (all new):

75017 - Yoda (plus lightsaber and bracket)
75017 - Poggle the Lesser (plus staff and hologram)
75017 - FA-4 Pilot Droid
75017 - Count Dooku (plus cape, lightsaber & lightning)
75023 - New style Biker Scout
75023 - Rebel Commando
7879 - Han Solo (plus blaster and hood)
7879 - Tauntaun (plus saddle and reins)
TC-4 (sealed)

I'm happy to consider any offers on the above! I'm based in the UK but happy to post anywhere at cost :-)


  • LobotLobot Member Posts: 1,029
    Both sets of minifigures from 79012 are now sold, everything else is still available :-)
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