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Building a roll up garage door in LDD

I have been trying, without much luck to build a roll up style garage door using the LDD with the extended features. It refuses to let me put in the last slat of the door. If I put in all the slats, and then put on the horizontal slotted track brick, it won't allow that to snap into place. Strange. I am positive I am using the correct number of pieces, I've got the Fire Brigade door as a model.
If I leave off the top-most slat, then there is a gap, you can see through, after putting the parts to cover the top of the door. It's vexing!


  • PaperballparkPaperballpark UKMember Posts: 3,379
    Doesn't the last slat normally curve slightly around the track anyway? Try rotating the last slat a bit and then moving it into place.
  • talostalos Member Posts: 49
    Thanks, I tried that, and it worked! I had tried to rotate, but I first needed to take away the horizontal track parts, then eyeball how much to rotate the slate, it is much more than I thought it would have to be, much more I think than in real life. Here it is in the image....
  • madforLEGOmadforLEGO Chicagoland USMember Posts: 9,189
    I really want to use LDD, but I know the last time I used it is takes a bit getting used to, and just did not have the time to mess around with it
  • talostalos Member Posts: 49
    It can be very frustrating to get it to do certain things! I had to stop trying to fix this problem for a week or so, but am glad I got the information I needed to make it work. I think my building file was damaged too. I had to completely delete all the parts of the door on the left side and redo it, then it finally let me connect the parts like I was able to do in the second door frame file, in the smaller image. Strange!
  • talostalos Member Posts: 49
    I also know now, once the parts are all assembled, at the tilted angle on the top slat of the door, I can rotate it back vertical, like I knew it should be able to do.
  • austinmoran12austinmoran12 everywhereMember Posts: 1
    So is there the ability to move the garage door up and down or is that not possible?
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