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FT - Polybags Galore! Mini VW Camper, TC-14, MM, Jor-El, Rapunzel, Etc. - Located in US

ChrisbstmChrisbstm Member Posts: 151
Hello, Ive been hoarding polybags to trade for a bit, and decided now would be an opportune time to make them available. They're piling up too. This is my first time posting any discussions on here as well, so I'm not sure about some things like what PM means.
Anyhoo, heres my list of what I have to trade. All items are sealed and brand new:

#30224-1 Ride-on Lawnmower
#30261-1 Tontos Campfire
#30185-1 Little Eagle
#40079-1 Mini VW T1 Camper Van
#30116-1 Rapunzels Market Visit x2
#6043173-1 Friends Promotional Polybag
#30200-1 Zombie Chauffeur Coffin Car
#30230-1 Mini Mech
#30231-1 Space Insectoid
#30057-1 Anakin's Pod Racer
#5000063-1 TC-14
#5001621-1 Han Solo (Hoth)
#5001709-1 Clone Trooper Lt.
#30300-1 The Batman Tumbler
#5001623-1 Jor-El
#5002126-1 Martian Manhunter x2
#30270-1 Kraangs Turtle Target Practice
#30242-1 Republic Frigate
#30282-1 Super Secret Police Enforcer
#5002041-1 TLM Accessory Pack
#5002045-1 Pyjamas Emmet
#COL099 CMF Series 7 Bunny Guy

And here's my want list:

#30081-1 Skeleton Chopper
#8908-1 Monster Launcher
#30168-1 Gun mounting system

#AC012 Alien Android
#GS014 Mantizoid (looking for multiples)
#SP103 Space Police 3 Classic Space Statue
#SH035 Black Widow
#SH036 Iron Man w/Circle on chest
#SH041 Iron Fist
#SH108 Hydra Henchman (looking for multiples)
#SH102 Green Goblin (Bigfig)

Im open to offers also. Im looking for any Blacktron 1, 2, and 3 stuff, i don't know, make me an offer.


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