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Wanted: 1x1 / 2x2 White & Light Grey bricks and plates!

JessyDooDahJessyDooDah Member Posts: 228
I need about 1000 new 1x1 & 2x2 bricks for a mosaic I'm making.
I'm also after approx:
50 1x1 Lime Green Bricks New
300 1x1 Light Grey Bricks New
mixture of small and large plates: 4x4 - 16x16 any colour & used is fine

I'd prefer to trade, but would also buy for the right price. I'm in the UK, but would trade internationally. :)

I have a bunch of new:
Trans red 2x2 bricks
Smokey trans 1x2 bricks
1x1 dark grey bricks
Red 2x2 tiles
Yellow 2x2 tiles
Black 1x8 tiles
White 1x8 tiles

Polys for trade - All new and sealed:
Martian Manhunter x 1
Hoth Han x 1
Jor El x 1
Club 852996 Max x1
Monthly Mini Build 40063 Turtle x1
Monthly Mini Build 40070 Witch x1
Galaxy Squad 30231 Insectoid x1
Galaxy Squad 30230 Mini Mech x3
Star Wars 30056 Star Destroyer x1
Star Wars 30053 Republic Attack Cruiser x1
Star Wars 8028 TIE Fighter x2
Star Wars 30240 Z-95 Headhunter x6
Star Wars 30055 Vulture Droid x1
Star Wars 30054 At-St x1
Cars 30121 Grem 1
Creator 30152 Mining Quad x1
Creator 40078 Hot Dog Stand x3
Creator 40083 Christmas Truck x1
Creator 40049 Sopwith Camal x1
Seasonal 40052 Springtime Scene x6
City 30152 Miner x2
City 30222 Helicopter x2
Monster Fighters 30200 Coffin Car x3
Friends 30113 Cake Stand x2
Super Heroes 30162 Quinjet x3
Super Heroes 30160 Batman Jetski x1
Super Heroes 30161 Batmobile x1
Super Heroes 30165 Hawkeye x6
Super Heroes 30162 Thor & The Cosmic Cube x2
Toy Story 3 30071 Army Jeep x1
Toy Story 3 30072 Woody x1
Toy Story 3 70073 Buzz x1
Toy Story 3 30070 Alien x1
The Hobbit 30213 Gandalf at Dol Guldur x11
Lord of the Rings 30211 Uruk Hai x3
Lord of the Rings 30210 Frodos Cooking Corner x2
The Lone Ranger 30260 Pump Car x2
Ferrari 30191 Scuderia x1
Ferrari 30192 F40 x1
Ferrari 30195 FXX x1


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