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Minifig trades - whole figs or accessories [UK]

andheandhe Member Posts: 3,908
edited August 2011 in Marketplace
I've accumulated a number of minifigs from series 1-4, some whole, some extra parts and would like to get some trades going - either whole figures or parts, like for like (eg accessory for accessory).
List is as follows:

Spaceman helmet
Diver head, flippers and tank

Mexican (complete)
Traffic Cop (complete)
Weightlifter (2 torsos, 1 legs, 1 head)
Disco dude x2 (complete)

Fisherman (complete)
Pilot x3 (complete, plus spare hat - no goggles)
Tribal Chief (complete)
Sumo x3 (complete)
Mummy x3 (complete)
Tennis girl (2 with no head but hair, 1 with no head or hair)
Racer (2 helmets, 2 legs, 3 torsos)
Baseball player x2 (complete)
Alien x2 (complete)
Hula girl (complete)
Gorilla Guy (complete)
Rapper x2 (plus one with no ghetto blaster, plus spare head and torso)

Geisha x2 (plus spare skirt, torso and head)
Punk Rocker x2 (plus spare 2x hair, 2x torso, 1x head)
Werewolf x10 (complete)
Hazmat x6 (complete)
Soccer Player x1 (plus one with no hair)
Artist x2 (complete)
Surfer girl (no hair)

Phew, will trade fig for fig, accessory for accessory. PM me what you'd like and I'll send a list of my wants. Or ££.


  • andheandhe Member Posts: 3,908
    Mexican, traffic cop, disco dude x1, baseball player x1, alien x1, gorilla guy, geisha x1 have all gone! (Thanks guys :) )

    Though also have S1 Super wrestler (no cape) now for trade.
  • steeplejackssteeplejacks Member Posts: 6
    I'm looking for series 4 hockey player, as many as I can get my hands on and can offer you any series 4 figure in return. I'm in Canada. Cheers
  • andheandhe Member Posts: 3,908
    Apologies for the bump, but thought better than starting a new one.

    I'm looking to trade any of the above or series 5s for series 6, if people are looking to complete the back catalogue.

    Most are open, though series 5 aren't. Willing to do 2 (of mine) for 1 (series 6) in some cases.
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