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The "brag" thread: Post your recent great finds!



  • LegoboyLegoboy Member Posts: 8,827
    @pricey73‌, don't start that again. ;o)
  • pricey73pricey73 Member Posts: 352
    @Legoboy‌ it's not the HH though :))
  • gifinimgifinim Member Posts: 174
    I had a lucky find in a charity shop this afternoon - a no-brand plastic box with 7642 - Garage and 7739 - Coast Guard Patrol and a few odd bits for £20. The kids have been pestering for a good sized boat so they'll be very happy.
  • NorlegoNorlego Member Posts: 449
    Sometimes when you buy a job lot of Lego it takes you back to your youth, expecailly if it is full of the sets you did not get when you were young. Sadly I am not in my late 20s as this box had a lot of good sets: #7740, #4563, #735, #6082, #6973, #6286, #9732, #9747, #6195. Plus loads of smaller castle/pirates/space/star wars/town sets. A massive number of figures. All I paid was £80.
    The odd thing was that this was up for £40 on Gumtree and the poor lady was unindated with emails. Silly people kept asking for set numbers as if that would clinch the deal... (On the photos you could see a boxed train set plus one Mindstorm set. Both worth more than £40... Plus a large box of Lego in the background. Do you really need to sleep on it???) Luckily she was confused as to where to find the set numbers (on the 40 or so manuals included....) and decided to hike the price up to £170 beacause of all the interest. That was when I saw the ad, but before I got to message her she had lowered it to £100. I phoned her up and asked to take it of her for £80 and she agreed. (I had been thinking of ways to get the price down to £150...)
    She told me it was her sons lego collection. She thought everything was there as she did make him keep the lego together. (Good mum...) I have not seen any non-Lego brands. Just pure Lego. Very seldom you can boast pure Lego. (I have found a vintage phonecard (worth £3), some Playmobile and other various items I will sell at my local carboot...)
    I doubt anyone will begrudge me that this was a good buy. Maybe even buy of the month.
  • andyscouseandyscouse Member Posts: 365

    $75 :) 15 sets
    From NELUG's set draft. Not a normal set draft, where one drafts several copies of the same set ... but a draft of over 350 sets, split across 24 of us. A great event!
  • graphitegraphite Member Posts: 3,275
    ^ I didn't take a picture of all of mine together but I should. Still have a couple to build including the UCS IS =)
  • andyscouseandyscouse Member Posts: 365
    ^ I have kept (and fixed up in one or two cases) the vehicles to keep for my town (as I'm not a vehicle builder!), will part out the Museum, Glove World, SW & Hobbit sets into my MOC area. The Cargo plane I may also keep intact, and I'll get another Family house to double up on a larger version. The Police Dropship my brother in the UK is buying from me and the SOH I'm maybe going to check parts and maybe sell ...
  • Russell844Russell844 Member Posts: 2,482
    Can one of you guys sent me a message with the rules or whatever for a Set Draft? I might want to try this with BayLUG.
  • andyscouseandyscouse Member Posts: 365
    edited October 2014
    You can make up any rules you want, but here are two ways I have see a set draft done:

    1. Multiple copies of same (smallish, say up to $25/30) set

    a. Each one participating brings a new, unopened copy of the same set.

    b. All boxes are opened, and all like parts gathered into piles (or lots). So, all bley 1x2 would go together, all 1x1 dark red plates together and so on.

    c. Depending on how you want to do it, you may put tyres & axles together or separate; same with window frame & glass or other parts that tend to go together - entirely up to the group! (*)

    d. Once sets are parted out, write numbers 1 to N (N=number of participants) on paper (or a lego tile!), place in a container, and have everyone draw a number

    e. Take numerical turns. Number 1 goes 1st, 2 goes 2nd, etc, up to N. Then reverse the order N to 1, then 1 to N, and repeat until no more lots left! That way, N goes twice (once down, once up) and then 1 goes twice. People can put their parts in their own box (which they hopefully didn't throw away)

    f. If someone feels they have enough parts and no longer wants to draw lots, they can drop out any time.

    g. Drafting complete!

    (*) sometimes minifig parts are drafted separately, sometimes they are a unique lot, and still again, the people get to keep their own figs. Up to you!

    (#) sometimes you have a lot which comprises a load of one piece; you can elect to put into 2 or more lots if you want. So, if parting out Tower Bridge, for example, you may want to have several lots of tan cheese slopes!

    2. One copy of a larger set (e.g., a Modular)

    a. Open the box.

    b. Everyone participating sorts pieces into lots, as per b) above. As there will be many bags, 1 or 2 people per bag is a good way to do this, but as long as all pieces are sorted into lots, doesn't matter how this is done.

    c. As c) above

    d. As for d) onwards!

    Hope this helps! As I say, rules can be tweaked, but the net result is you get a lot of Lego you yourself want - and it's a lot of fun!


  • Russell844Russell844 Member Posts: 2,482
    So this sounds like a parts draft. I was thinking it was something different. Thanks for posting this!
  • graphitegraphite Member Posts: 3,275
    ^ he was giving you the rules for a parts draft. What we did was the same thing except that instead of piles of parts each "pick" was a set. Someone was able to get a good deal on a large collection of sets and instead of doing parts all the sets were put out and you went 1 to N and took one set each time.
  • Russell844Russell844 Member Posts: 2,482
    ^ That sounds more of like I thought it was. I like this. Thanks!
  • ClumsybumsyClumsybumsy Member Posts: 16
    I went to LEGO world Utrecht 2014 today and got myself a free 30216 Lake town guard poly bag. I won two 30247 ARC-170 star fighter poly bags and I built several mini figures with a printed torso with the LEGO world logo on them(just 10 of the 50 possible combos). I like these finds :)
  • graphitegraphite Member Posts: 3,275

    ^ That sounds more of like I thought it was. I like this. Thanks!

    It was a lot of fun and because the deal was so good everyone got way more value than the $75 buy in.
  • andyscouseandyscouse Member Posts: 365
    @Russell844 - sorry for the confusion! Yes, it can sometimes be confusing. A normal darft can sometimes be called a Set Draft, as it's the drafting of "a" particular set. This was a Set Draft : a Draft of Sets!

    In either case, they are enjoyable.
  • joel4motionjoel4motion Member Posts: 959
    How does the $75 buy in work if you don't mind me asking? Does the LUG secure the sets and then set a buy in? Thanks
  • andyscouseandyscouse Member Posts: 365
    ^ The LUG acquired sets (over 350 of them) from someone who was selling them. We took the $amount the LUG bought the sets for and divided it by the number of participants to reach the $buy-in amount.
  • andyscouseandyscouse Member Posts: 365
    The sets ranged from over 4000 parts (Tower Bridge) down to small boxes with maybe 20 parts. But everyone was guaranteed a set of over 900 pieces. Everyone got 15 sets, and some got 16. No-one went away sad or empty-handed!
  • GuroooGurooo Member Posts: 268
    I got a big box of Friends sets for £10, with Heartlake vet, Flying club, Pet salon, an advent calendar, and loads of the smaller sets. All of them just built and displayed, it seems. Oh, and an Apple tree house too, unfortunately yellowed on one side.

    Perfect for our five year old girl!
  • theLEGOmantheLEGOman Member Posts: 1,524
    I managed 9 S6 Friends Animals at 15p each, not bad.
  • middleton83middleton83 Member Posts: 18
    Series 12 CMF have just appeared in my local convenience shop, they had 6 to 9 then didn't have 10 I complained they got 11 then no Movie Figures, then they get Simpsons and 12. Now to go there and feel the packets for the correct ones.
  • matticus_bricksmatticus_bricks Member Posts: 651
    I scored a 9469 Gandalf Arrives for around $10.40 on Amazon Warehouse Deals. It was still sealed, just with a beaten up box. I'm pretty happy because I got a retired set at less than RRP that I never bought while it was available.
  • RonyarRonyar Member Posts: 373
    I picked up what appears to be a nearly complete #7894 airport set with instructions and box, 5 raised baseplates, 6 grey road plates of the 7 stud wide variety and various castle pieces, horses and figures from the KK II era (nothing complete) for $70 today off Craigslist. Need to do a full inventory of the airport set before I get too excited, but the major pieces appear to be there.
  • motor_ace123motor_ace123 Member Posts: 10
    I picked up a bulk lot of lego fom Gumtree the other day. Very lucky to get i (had been up for4 minutes when I found it!) Listing was for 47kgs and was $380.

    Lady very kindly agreed to take a deposit and ignore the numerous emails offering higher amounts for it till I could pick up on the weekend. Lots of sets including Howarts version 4 still in sealed bags! One tub all sealed in bags, 2 tubs of mixe:-D d loose, lota of minifigs though havent sorted yet! Plus another box full of instructions and stickers! Very excited and will be great fun sorting and building
  • graphitegraphite Member Posts: 3,275
    Not an amazing deal but picked up a sealed #10194 Emerald Night for $250 tonight which is at least a good bit cheaper than available elsewhere.
  • DiggydoesDiggydoes Member Posts: 1,079
    Got a Santa Fe Chief train ("limited edition") in sealed condition,and the box looks like it just came out of the factory for 150€! :)
  • NickF22NickF22 Member Posts: 489
    Picked up #9515 Malevolence from Tesco for £68, less double staff discount this week, and a 15 off 75 code (along with a new kettle that I needed!); it's almost half price...
  • GuroooGurooo Member Posts: 268
    Found a box full of ancient Lego today! The oldest bricks are the earliest ones produced, I think, they have no tubes and no Lego marking.

    It was really fun seeing the way the bricks changed through those early years...
    imageIMG_20141101_144115" />

    These are all really rare pieces, from what I understand:
    imageIMG_20141101_145015" />
  • TLGTLG Member Posts: 125
    Gurooo said:

    Found a box full of ancient Lego today! The oldest bricks are the earliest ones produced, I think, they have no tubes and no Lego marking.

    It was really fun seeing the way the bricks changed through those early years...
    imageIMG_20141101_144115" />

    These are all really rare pieces, from what I understand:
    imageIMG_20141101_145015" />

    Nice lot, you got some really early LEGO there. Those small windows are pretty rare, and the printed blocks.
  • monkeymonkey Member Posts: 235
    Not a bargain as such, but I just picked up the last HH from lego stores! This morning 9am phoned all lego outlets in UK, and none had it in stock except Stratford who had one left (and I phoned it last phew!) Didn't expect to get toy workshop #40106 for free, and £5 in points on VIP card. One happy AFOL here:))
  • ThisIsMyCupThisIsMyCup Member Posts: 156
    just picked up a #10236 at TRU for $98.00 plus tax. It was a return and the box is pretty badly beaten up and it was opened and taped all up, but i asked the manager if they would open it for me and let me see what is inside to see if complete and they were nice enough to do it. Looks like everything is there, all bags, instructions there and unopened, now to put it together to confirm. I've wanted this set since it was announced but never got it due to price, $104 out the door works for me!!
  • TarDomoTarDomo Member Posts: 515
    Bought the Fury class Sith interceptor for half price at summer.
  • GentlyBenevolentGentlyBenevolent Member Posts: 343
    My local Waitrose has a 3 for 2 on all children's toys on at the moment but their selection of Lego is pitiful to say the least, I did managed to get 21 X Series 11 CMF's & only paid for 14, work's out at £1.67 each, much better than the shelf price of £2.50.
    Now for a bit of packet squidging :)
  • Thanos75Thanos75 Member Posts: 1,120
    @TarDomo‌ .....I actually just finished building the Sith Fury. What a great build. By far my favorite Star Wars build yet. The wing construction is brilliant.
  • graphitegraphite Member Posts: 3,275
    ^ I really enjoyed that build as well. It was much better overall than just what it looks like on the box.
  • Thanos75Thanos75 Member Posts: 1,120
    I went to Target today to pick up some shipping supplies and in the clearance section I found a 60 count Simpsons cmf box marked down to $1.49 a pack. There were 54 left in the box and someone actually put a clearance sticker on each pack.
  • 111ins111ins Member Posts: 265
    Went by TRU today and got 4x Rocket Raccoon poly bags! Bought a Spaceship spaceship spaceship to get my order total to $120 as they would let me have 1x for every $30 spent. Listed 3x RR when I got home and sold them already to a guy in the UK.... So I end up with the spaceship and an RR for about $30.

    Wish they would sell me the rest of the RR's or let me have more with another purchase but they seemed hell bent on shipping them back to LEGO.
  • MiniFigHunterMiniFigHunter Member Posts: 113
    Went to Longleat safari park over the weekend and found monster fighter set 9467-1: The Ghost Train and 9466-1: The Crazy Scientist & His Monster both had been reduced down to £49 and £32 add my membership discount of 10% on top
    great find BRAG
  • UCDLaCrosseUCDLaCrosse Member Posts: 8
    Got 20 X-men Sentinel sets for 25.00 a pop.
  • BumblepantsBumblepants Member Posts: 7,730
    @UCDLaCrosse How did you manage that?

    I finally picked up a pair of #60047 Police Stations that were sitting at 30% off at my Target. Kept waiting for them to drop to 50% and finally after a month they dropped to 40%. Weird for Target, I always thought they just had the four tiers of 30/50/70/90. O well, I am pleased. Together they should make for a good corner modular when I get through with them.
  • UCDLaCrosseUCDLaCrosse Member Posts: 8
    @Bumblepants‌ I might have found a severe pricing error at one WalMart and then went to every local target and price matched...also scored 3 Jabba's Sail Barge for 37.00/piece.
  • Roberto_RRoberto_R Member Posts: 17
    edited November 2014
    Two weeks ago #60021 and #60044 were on sale for CAD$ 44.- both (CAD$ 22 each)at Costco, I bought 'em for my son.
    On Saturday #41037 was on sale at CAD$ 34.- so I bought it for my daughter.
    I almost bought #42000 Racer for me, CAD$ 99, but I would have had trouble with my wife, hahaha... (I still have all my 80's-90's technic sets waiting in their boxes).
  • UCDLaCrosseUCDLaCrosse Member Posts: 8
    That is an absolute site to behold. Nice @sarbear‌
  • CupIsHalfEmptyCupIsHalfEmpty Member Posts: 545
    ^^that is my childhood in a nutshell. Excellent find!
  • matticus_bricksmatticus_bricks Member Posts: 651
    Found a row of Chima Speedorz sets marked down to $4.48 at Target. I bought all four Sky Jousts and a Jungle Gates. $23.97, not a bad deal for 11 minifigs and a handful of parts.
  • 111ins111ins Member Posts: 265
    Wlamart instore (Canada) I came across 4x Bennys' Spaceship Spaceship Spaceship! marked down to $75 (regular $120 here) and grabbed them. Same store had almost two full boxes of Simpson's minifigs for $2 each
  • graphitegraphite Member Posts: 3,275
    @sarbear $100 is way worth it just for the Caribbean Clipper. Everything else is icing.
  • iplanteiplante Member Posts: 164
    Found a brand new Willis tower for $21.95 at a toy shop at the MOA.
  • JP3804JP3804 Member Posts: 332
    Kmart U.S. has #76007 and #76009 on sale this weekend. 40% off for rewards members. Free shipping @ $59.00
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