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The "brag" thread: Post your recent great finds!



  • ludzikludzik US (SoCal)Member Posts: 429
    Got the #9493 for $34.99 at Target..... long story but they were out of the Tie Fighter that they were advertising at that price... couldn't issue a rain check for whatever reason so I asked if they would match another set that's $49.99 and that happened to be the price of the X-Wing..... add to that some other shopping that my wife was doing and we had an $8 from $80 coupon plus a coupon for a $10 gift card on purchase of $50 or more... so we calculated the percentages and after we divvied up the percentage discounts between rest of purchases and the X-Wing, we figured the X-Wing ran $27.11..... then add 5% red card discount.... which made it $25.76+ tax for a grand total of $27.76. After we walked out of the store my wife asked me how much is the X-Wing at the Lego store: I told her it runs $59.99..... so at the end of the day we walked out of the store paying $74.29, with a $10 gift card in hand which made our expenditure $64.29 which is less then X-Wing + tax at the Lego store...... I'm still trying to figure out how we got that lucky :)
  • bri4jennbri4jenn United StatesMember Posts: 96
    I found #8186 Street Extreme from the Racers series at Toys R Us today. It is a 2009 set and it scanned for $23.99. The RRP is $69.99. They must of dug up this set from some dark hole. My son will love it.
  • AFFOL_Shellz_BellzAFFOL_Shellz_Bellz Member Posts: 1,263
    Picked up #7848 for just $26.32 including tax at TRU! Already had a couple but they had increased the price to $50. after we got ours for $40. each.
  • gordonfgordonf Banned Posts: 18
    THis happened a couple of months ago. Was at a yard sale and saw a 1552 Maesrk Truck and Trailer set. Being new to LEGO collecting, I had no idea what is was. After I checked it out and saw it was somewhat sought after, I sold it for a nice profit even though the box was torn, it had no instructions and about 20 pieces were missing. So I scour yard sales for sets. I haven't found any "keepers" for me, but I have managed to generate some cash to buy sets I want by reselling my finds
  • OldfanOldfan Chicagoland, IL, USAMember Posts: 696
    I won #6690 Snorkel Pumper on the 'bay for $9; box and perfect instructions included. Set is complete with all the stickers in good condition and applied in the right places. I've always wanted this set since I was a kid, and the going rate for a copy in this condition is well above $9, so I'm happy!
  • mrseatlemrseatle Member Posts: 410
    Yep, TRU must be cleaning house. I bought Power Miners' "Lavatraz" for $16.98 tonight. My first Power Miners set...
  • YodaliciousYodalicious DagobahMember Posts: 1,366
    This isn't "great" necessarily, but I'll always take 35% off. Geonosian Cannon found at Kmart on sale for $13.04. Wasn't even a set I really wanted, but not a bad deal for the minifigs from my POV.
  • stegmancostegmanco Member Posts: 42
    I finally accounted for all the parts for an eBay deal on CMF 1-8 for $290 everything was there and in good order.
  • neumannneumann Member Posts: 3
    2507 fire temple for 549dkk / EUR 73, new in box in a local shop.
  • sidersddsidersdd USAMember Posts: 2,432
    mrseatle said:

    Yep, TRU must be cleaning house. I bought Power Miners' "Lavatraz" for $16.98 tonight. My first Power Miners set...

    Nice score!
  • legoprodslegoprods SpainMember Posts: 445
    neumann said:

    2507 fire temple for 549dkk / EUR 73, new in box in a local shop.

    My Fire Temple just arrived today at 55€ shipped. Got it from eBay. I like how in Spain there isn't that big volume of people looking for Lego.
  • neumannneumann Member Posts: 3
    legoprods said:

    neumann said:

    2507 fire temple for 549dkk / EUR 73, new in box in a local shop.

    My Fire Temple just arrived today at 55€ shipped. Got it from eBay. I like how in Spain there isn't that big volume of people looking for Lego.
    That's a good price, mine was 50% off retail in Denmark which is the best I've found anywhere lately.

    Also got a used 10174 with a few common parts missing for DKK 350 / EUR 47.
  • veedubguy83veedubguy83 Member Posts: 29
    edited December 2012
    Just picked up 3 Hobbit Sets, Goblin King battle ($62.99 US), Unexpected Gathering ($48.99 US) and Mirkwood Spiders ($20.99 US) @ my local Fred Meyer's, got them all for 30% off each with the 1 day coupon!!!
  • zjygkmattzjygkmatt Member Posts: 75
    Just found a mint 8036 Separatist shuttle for RRP of $30 in some toy store, and also the 7948 Outpost Attack for $20. There are some more Kingdom sets I have my eye on as well as some older SW ones.
  • graphitegraphite USMember Posts: 3,274
    On my way home from the Chicago area for the Illinois LEGO Train show I stopped at a couple WMs and at one I found 3x #7597 Toy Story Train Chases ($40 each), 5x #4840 HP The Burrow ($47 each) and a $49 #7498 police station. Talked to one of the guys putting out more christmas stuff and he said they did a big inventory cleanup. They had 2 mangled box Hoth Wampa cave's for $20 and a Sparco Speeder as well as a bunch of Rebel battle packs for $9 but I have a bunch of those already that I got for <$6 so I left all that.
  • cycoduckcycoduck Member Posts: 22
    Made an awesome trade, I think I came out even. Traded a sealed Authority special edition hardback comic, a small box of Marvel Essential trades and a small box of Deadpool comics for a Cloud City Boba Fett, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa minifigs. What do you think?
  • drdavewatforddrdavewatford Hertfordshire, UKAdministrator Posts: 6,732
    cycoduck said:

    Made an awesome trade, I think I came out even. Traded a sealed Authority special edition hardback comic, a small box of Marvel Essential trades and a small box of Deadpool comics for a Cloud City Boba Fett, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa minifigs. What do you think?

    Most of this stuff isn't even LEGO so I don't know what to think.... You clearly believe you've snagged a good deal, however, so I've merged this with the "Brag..." thread.


  • SherlockbonesSherlockbones Member Posts: 411
    At the moment I'm going through a deal where I should be getting Battle of Endor for £25
  • jpczjpcz Member Posts: 95
    i received my $87 Maersk Train NISB from TRU today. They allowed me to stack the 25off100 lego and 25off100 using TRU card. Thought that was a good deal, especially with the impending EOL of the set...
  • zjygkmattzjygkmatt Member Posts: 75
    Had to go back and get this.
  • TyoSoloTyoSolo Member Posts: 539
    Completed a fantastic transaction right here on Brickset. Coutesy of a fellow Bricksetter, I managed to snag a used Cafe Corner (some minor common pieces missing), new Fire Brigade, new Grand Emporium and new Town Hall all for the fantastic price of £600 + 20 CMFs.

    I couldn't be happier!
  • samiam391samiam391 A log cabin in PA, United StatesMember Posts: 4,443
    Picked up a Market Street and Town Plan Cinema for the grand total of $150! Very excited for these puppies to come in the mail :)
  • TockoTocko Member Posts: 24
    Found six #2509 for 17€ each and two #7939 for 15€ each at local grocery store.
  • dragonhawkdragonhawk USMember Posts: 633
    I lucked out and got a few Black Pearl for $55 each (after tax) at a Walmart. Most likely the last few with $50 tag anywhere in US
  • BrickarmorBrickarmor USAMember Posts: 1,258
    edited December 2012
    @samiam391 Market Street for < $150?!? O_o
    I got Vampyre Castle for $60 shipped and felt pretty good about it!
  • SherlockbonesSherlockbones Member Posts: 411
    Would not call this a brag as such, but I've just managed to get #7659 for £25 :)
  • GentlyBenevolentGentlyBenevolent Member Posts: 340
    Got these today....3 Lego mini-fig cases, 2 cases are missing the feet :(, & 8 different mint opened CMF's for £30.00.
    Well chuffed :)
  • bsiu922bsiu922 SF Bay Area, CAMember Posts: 439
    edited December 2012
    was able to get the 4996 for about $20 (miss about 25 pieces) and a green grocer missing all the mini figures and the stroller for $90. I can't even believe when they give me the price and I rush over to the bank. Well, that is the 2nd one in the last six month on Craigslist and this is a better one compared to the first one I found.

    also pick up 6 3661 from Target. about 21 each included tax and I keep one and the rest are shared with Friend and Colleagues!
  • mrtonytjmrtonytj Guest Posts: 214
    samiam391 said:

    Purchased two large tubs of LEGO for $250... so far I've found pieces and sticker plates too:
    -10179 UCS Millennium Falcon
    -10188 Death Star
    -10143 Death Star II
    -8039 Venator

    Continuing to sort and getting more and more excited! Love this part about LEGO.


    I love days like that.. I have had a few good mystery boxes myself but none anywhere near as good as that!!!!!
  • zjygkmattzjygkmatt Member Posts: 75
    This time of year is killing me. Got Another Naboo Starfighter for $34.98 clearance and a Geonosian Starfighter for $14.98 clearance at Target. Some planet sets were also half off, etc. But I cant be spending all my money on me.
  • Tevans333Tevans333 Member Posts: 152
    Not as good as the above with the UCS MF, but I bought this bulk lot off of Craiglist for $300. So far every set I've gone through has been complete including minifigs:) No boxes or instructions, but who cares at this price! I've identified 23 Lego Star Wars sets and 2 Bionicle sets so far.

    10144 Sandcrawler
    6210 Jabba' Sail Barge
    6211 Star Destroyer
    7964 Republic Frigate
    10174 Imperial AT-ST
    7661 Jedi Starfighter with Hyperdrive Booster Ring
    6209 Slave I
    7258 Wookiee Attack
    6208 B-Wing Fighter
    7664 Tie Crawler
    7659 Imperial Shuttle
    7658 Y-Wing Fighter
    7259 ARC-170 Fighter
    7656 General Grievos Starfighter
    7251 Darth Vader Transformation
    6206 Tie Interceptor
    7660 Naboo N-1 Starfighter with Vulture Droid
    4502 X-Wing Fighter
    8942 Jetrax T6
    7654 Droids Battle Pack
    6205 V-Wing Fighter
    4490 Republic Gunship

  • andheandhe UKMember Posts: 3,820
    ^That's a good deal for 10144 Sandcrawler and 6210 Jabba' Sail Barge alone.
    Did they throw in the sofas as well?
  • mressinmressin Lego City... erm LondonMember Posts: 843
    edited December 2012
    I got a new and sealed #6516 cheaply off eBay. What a trip down memory lane! It was a delight to build something so reminiscent of the classic Lego Space mooncars (#886, similar also in #926, #928 and #6970).

    This is the vehicle of Lego Space. Not as clumsy or random as a Mega Core Magnetizer or a Vermin Vaporizer. A simple, elegant mooncar for a more civilized age...
  • lannyjacklannyjack Member Posts: 39
    I detest the Gamestop here in town - they have always been rude whenever I have shopped there.

    I stopped in tonight on a whim to see if they had any Elrond polybags left. One of the guys checked in back and came out with one. I asked how much he wanted for it, and the response was that they couldn't sell it.

    I then got lectured about how if I wanted one, I should have pre-ordered the Lord of the Rings game.

    The guy standing next to him said, "If we can't sell it, can't we just give it to him then?"

    And I walked out with my Elrond polybag :)

    I take back everything bad I have ever said about Gamestop . . . for now. ;)
  • piratemania7piratemania7 New EnglandMember Posts: 2,146
    Ha Ha that last comment about gamestop is awesome! I recently bought The Hobbit King Battle for 89.99 from amazon, but then I saw it was discounted yesterday another 20% so I contacted them and they refunded me the difference! About 50 dollars for a 99.99 set! Wahoo!
  • sapereaudesapereaude Member Posts: 2
    I'm just getting into the game, but I had to brag on this one - found a number of lego friends advent calendars on clearance 50% off for $20 each :) I couldn't believe it as I was considering buying one for my daughter back in November (and paying ebay prices) and had never even seen them physically in stores!
  • 111ins111ins Member Posts: 265
    I ordered about 6 Friends advent calenders from, delivered for about $16 each. Should have bought more, my daughter loves it
  • pricey73pricey73 UKMember Posts: 352
    Was given 8964 (power miners titanium command rig) with box, one bag open, rest sealed and complete. Unused stickers aswell. Well chuffed!
  • mrtonytjmrtonytj Guest Posts: 214
    Just bought a new MTT still in sealed bags with box, a 10179 At-St and a jedi with booster ring for $60 incl postage! I am really starting to love gumtree AUS! :-)
  • mrtonytjmrtonytj Guest Posts: 214
    Sorry! 10174... Miss typed!
  • cozycozy Member Posts: 157
    just found my old #7140 set,bit dusty but I'm happy:)
  • 111ins111ins Member Posts: 265
    finally got minecraft, but the order will not be in until after Christmas... retail price too!
  • kezkez United KingdomMember Posts: 831
    Hooray my arkham asylum breakout set arrived :-)
  • dimefielddimefield Edmonton Alberta CanadaMember Posts: 314
    In a frenzy of unbridled comic book nostalgia i picked up three of the new TMNT sets today! At full price yet!
  • dimefielddimefield Edmonton Alberta CanadaMember Posts: 314
    Um.. Make that 4...
  • whizzardwhizzard Member Posts: 102
    Got the new City High Speed Chase set for £10 from Very using a discount code!
  • GeorgeGGeorgeG Member Posts: 7
    This afternoon I picked up the #8078 Portal of Atlantis from TKMaxx for £43.00, reduced from £81.99! Pretty good for set that retired just under a year ago. Good thing I went to buy Christmas presents Christmas Eve!
  • AFFOL_Shellz_BellzAFFOL_Shellz_Bellz Member Posts: 1,263
    Got the #41003 with my [email protected] order even though the site said it would ship on 12/30.
  • GentlyBenevolentGentlyBenevolent Member Posts: 340
    edited December 2012
    Whoops.. wrong thread
    My bad
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