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(UK) FS: 10 Sealed Harry Potter Sets (4736-4738, 4840-4842, 4865-4867, 10217)

GondorianDotComGondorianDotCom Member Posts: 30
edited June 2014 in Marketplace
I've got one of each of the following Harry Potter Lego sets in sealed boxes:

4736 Freeing Dobby
4737 Quidditch Match
4738 Hagrid's Hut
4840 The Burrow
4841 Hogwarts Express
4842 Hogwarts Castle
4865 The Forbidden Forest
4866 The Knight Bus
4867 Hogwarts
10217 Diagon Alley

I will sell the lot for £1000 cash, which is about 10% below recent eBay sold prices for them all.

I'm currently in Cambridge and would prefer to do the transaction in person to ensure you are satisfied with what you are getting and there is no chance of an incompetent delivery service ruining this for both of us.

Please send me a PM if interested. Please do not try to haggle since this is here primarily to prove to my wife that I am willing to sell the sets. It will really pain me to let go of them, but it will be less pain than my wife has promised to dish out.

p.s. I also have at least one HP polybag and two different HP books with exclusive minifigs that could become included in the deal if we can agree on a fair price for them.


  • GondorianDotComGondorianDotCom Member Posts: 30
    BUMP! Whilst the collector in me would like to sell as a whole set, I'm willing to sell individually now. Prices? I'll sell at 15% below whatever the current best eBay prices are for them DELIVERED. But you will need to either collect from me or pay your own delivery charges.
  • asksolasksol Member Posts: 101
    what are current best ebay prices? do you mean Buy It now prices or recently sold listings?
  • GondorianDotComGondorianDotCom Member Posts: 30
    Sorry, I mean the current cheapest Buy It Now price, since that's the price I'd need to beat if I wanted to sell it now to someone and that's the price you'd need to pay to get it now from eBay. I'll usually look at the recently sold prices too, but not always.
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