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Have you found deals at

malachirobertsonmalachirobertson Member Posts: 268
edited August 2011 in Buying & Selling Topics
Being a new AFOL, I started looking for bargains on sets. Not seeing anything second hand at area thrift stores and Goodwills, I found I have never bothered to bid there because it seemed to me that the extra costs that get added on made things not much of a bargain. So, I am wondering, do other forum users have a similar opinion? Or perhaps I am missing something and there are deals to be had there?
Thanks for any responses!


  • MCNwakeboardMCNwakeboard Member Posts: 320
    edited August 2011
    My few purchases from Shopgoodwill have been a mixed experience. The first was very good because I won 10 lbs for about $30 plus $10 shipping and ended up getting most of hogwarts castle (4757, along with a few star wars figures and parts of other Harry Potter sets (which I expected due to the amount of green and tan in picture of the pile of Lego)

    I purchased two other 10lbs lots which ended up costing about $50 each and then I paid a combined shipping cost of $30. One of the lots had a ton of old and discolored pieces and most of Dolphin Point (6414 The other lot had a complete Hagrids Hut and At-TE Walker (7675 except for the figures as well as some other random stuff.

    My main complaint about the second two lots is that I received only one figure, a common Boba Fett, which was prominently displayed on the first picture, which I think boosted the interested in the lot but the rest of the figures had been cleaned out. I have noticed Goodwill Industries of the Columbia-Willamette (a pretty common seller on the site) has a lot of auctions with just mini-figures, so they have figured out that they can make a lot more by splitting the pieces from the figures.


    Also- make sure you check the estimated shipping/handling costs because a lot of the auctions charge based on a minimum weight even though you are receiving less.

    In summary- you can find good deals, but it seems like the site is better known than it used to be. If you are looking for army builder lots or just random stuff it can be a good resource. Like ebay- you just have to be patient.

    P.S. there are usually a decent amount of [email protected] mixed in with the lots.
  • MCNwakeboardMCNwakeboard Member Posts: 320
    I think this is where some of the leftovers from the Target clearance were dropped
  • drdavewatforddrdavewatford Administrator Posts: 6,755
    ^^ Ironic, really - there's really not much 'goodwill' evident in trying to fool bidders into buying lots by making it look like minifigs are included, and then selling the minifigs separately. Way to go, cynical guys !
  • dougtsdougts Member Posts: 4,110
    I think you are right. I had been watching the Target clearance on that ostrich race set at my local target. One day there were like 20+ of them at 50% off. I came back the next day and the shelf was cleared and something else was there. No way they sold them. I was holding out for the next price drop, but it apparently never came. Now the same set is being sold by the Columbia-Willamette (my local) YMCA chapter.
  • sonsofscevasonsofsceva Member Posts: 542
    ^ The PoP Ostrich Race I picked up last week at Goodwill for $4 still had the remnants of Target clearance stickers on them (but this is in St. Louis).
  • tommyboatommyboa Member Posts: 36
    My guess is that Target can get a better tax credit by donateing for full price than let the price drop to 75%, or the next step 90% off.
  • MCNwakeboardMCNwakeboard Member Posts: 320
    With donated merchandise/inventory the US tax deduction would be limited to the lesser of fair value or the cost of the merchandise, so they won't be getting a tax deduction for the full retail price.

    There is not a huge financial difference between selling them at a deep discount vs. donation since they will get the tax expense either by donation or selling the Lego at a loss.
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