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eBay Catalogue Error, my fault or does eBay not care about their problems?

I have this stupid problem with a buyer right now where he bought The Mill off me thinking it was The London Escape because even though my listing said The Mill and had a picture of The Mill, it had set number #4193.

It might be partly my fault but it's not entirely. When I listed it I used the search catalogue and when you type in The Mill it comes up with that set and image, but it gives #4194 as the set number. I only noticed the last number was wrong, so I changed it. Now I'm in this situation and when I called eBay the representative told me the catalogue was actually right and I was wrong and that I would have to pay for return shipping. The guy wouldn't even transfer me to a supervisor or someone in the USA.

This is concerning me seeing as how I do a lot of shipping for eBay and the last time I had an problem was when Fedex lost my smartpost package. Fedex said it was eBay's fault and eBay said it was Fedex. Either way I was stuck with the $45 lost Lego and $10 for the shipping. Now it looks like I'm getting told to go screw myself again. I'm just wondering what people think I should do?


  • Bluefairy_56Bluefairy_56 Member Posts: 320
    I always double and triple check each listing to make sure I have the right picture, right description and right title on my listings...especially when using Ebays catalogue. I have been caught out before, luckily I noticed the mistake straight away, so changed it.
  • DougoutDougout Member Posts: 888
    I usually do too, this must be the one and only time I didn't triple check everything.
  • doriansdaddoriansdad CTCMember Posts: 1,337
    I have noticed alot of lego sets are wrong in the ebay catalog so I never use it. In this case it is your error so you should pay return shipping. Personally I would refund in full and tell the buyer to keep the set as an apology for wasting their time.

    The last thing you want is negative or neutral feedback as both will be counted as defects (and the new policy in August is retroactive for 1 year - 2 defects and you lose TSR, 5 and your are banned for selling for life over every 100 transactions). Next time simply do not mess up, and still be prepared to refund if you want a future on ebay.
  • y2joshy2josh Member Posts: 2,002

    [Reward stupidity.]

    I certainly wouldn't tell the buyer to keep the set. Unfortunately, I also wouldn't point out the buyer's intrinsic idiocy and would just eat the return shipping. If it gets escalated to a case, eBay is going to tell the buyer to return it anyway, at which point you'll have reached the same result, but with a mark against you.
  • DougoutDougout Member Posts: 888
    Right, I think I will pay for shipping back to me rather than let him just keep it. He already made a case out of it. If it would guarantee him as a solid customer I would let him keep it, but there's no guaranteeing that.

    I should have been paying more attention, must have been tired. From now on I won't use the catalogue though. I thought it was for both eBay and I's benefit, but there are way too many errors with it to make it helpful. Thanks for the help guys.
  • 12651265 Member Posts: 936
    Best to bite the bullet and pay the return shipping......just another life lesson to learn from.
  • doriansdaddoriansdad CTCMember Posts: 1,337
    edited April 2014
    Well if he opened a case that already counts as a defect so you may as well fight it as you have nothing to lose. Just don't get another one or your TRS is history in August for that selling account. I would also add him to your BBL regardless of the outcome.

    I always reward stupidity on ebay. For me it is just business and nothing personal. My prices include a stupidity tax on top of the scammage tax. Life goes on :)
  • cloaked7cloaked7 Member Posts: 1,448
    Good to know about the eBay classifications on things. Sometimes I use them, usually I don't. For my LEGO set sells I have found that it makes no difference, so generally I don't use them.
  • ColoradoBricksColoradoBricks Denver, CO, USAMember Posts: 1,640
    If someone searches with the UPC it makes a difference and can also be misleading. eBay will show its catalog photo and list all buyers, so if a listing references the wrong catalog entry, it will be display there no matter the title, etc.

    However searching LEGO on UPC is kinda infrequent, unlike books where searching on the ISBN or ASIN is common place.
  • SuperTrampSuperTramp City 17Member Posts: 1,021

    Well if he opened a case that already counts as a defect so you may as well fight it as you have nothing to lose. Just don't get another one or your TRS is history in August for that selling account. I would also add him to your BBL regardless of the outcome.

    I always reward stupidity on ebay. For me it is just business and nothing personal. My prices include a stupidity tax on top of the scammage tax. Life goes on :)

    Ebay's a joke now, all these DSR's and defects are ridiculous, ebay has to remember some people don't take leaving DSR's and feedback seriously has some. my one low rating i have on my account was left by mistake and the buyer sent me a email saying so. still even after phoning CS and explaining the issue it still sits on my account.

    Ive sold over 1000 items easily this year and even though ive that one low rating im one away from losing my TRS?. complete garbage.
  • avoiceoreasonavoiceoreason Member Posts: 224
    ^ I agree. I have been selling for years on eBay, and I have only gotten two "cases" opened against me. The first was from someone who just had buyers remorse - no mistake in the listing and he acknowledged that he got exactly what he paid for. At the time I didn't accept returns, but offered to do so as a courtesy anyway. I consider that good customer service. eBay considers it a black mark regardless.

    The latest ironically came the day after eBay announced this new policy. This one was totally my fault. I somehow switched the labels on two packages. One of the buyers was brand new to eBay and immediately filed a "not as described" case. The second guy just e-mailed to ask what happened. I told both to keep the incorrect item and immediately shipped out the correct items. Both were extremely satisfied customers (bonus free Lego!!!), but one doesn't affect my rating and the other does.

    There should be a way to have open cases not be marked against you if you resolve the issue to the satisfaction of the buyer. This would be the best way to encourage good customer service. We all make mistakes sometimes. How you handle them determines whether or not you are a good seller. To eBay it doesn't seem to matter.
  • doriansdaddoriansdad CTCMember Posts: 1,337
    If you have had that many transactions they will only go back 3 mos come August and the defect rate must be greater than 2% to lose TRS so you will be fine. It is 2 defects per 100 transactions that will cause you to lose TRS status. Of course any amount of defects will lower your search rankings.

    Alot of small sellers will be culled in August. If you can jump through the hoops the competition will be much less after summer. The next big change will be mandatory hassle free returns the following update which is being tested on UK business sellers this year. Good times :)

    If you do that many transactions then it will pay to have multiple TRS accounts for backup incase you run into a stack of problem buyers.
  • SuperTrampSuperTramp City 17Member Posts: 1,021
    I didnt know you could have multiple accounts from the same address?
  • DougoutDougout Member Posts: 888
    I'm not a TSR because I don't offer returns and I have a 2 day handling period for a lot of items, don't see me becoming one anytime soon. I had no cases opened against me until recently, now I have 3. One from a buyer with remorse that bought some non-Lego stuff, one from the lost SmartPost package, and now one from this. These were all from stupid issues that won't be made again, but it is annoying to think I have to sell another 100 items with no problems for my defect rating to go below 2%.

    I probably have a defect for item as described too, even though all my feedback is super good with all nice comments, I have only 4.9/5.0, so someone must have left good feedback but then marked me off for something stupid. It's going to be a total pain in the ass just to keep up with all the requirements. I thought it was only mainly important to not get negative feedback, now I know you must do that and completely satisfy the customer by meeting their every demand.......great.......
  • DougoutDougout Member Posts: 888
    ^*edit* Actually, I got my transactions number wrong, it was 80 in the past 2 MONTHS, not 1 year. I think I might be at about 200 transactions in the past year which would bring my defect rate to 1.5%. Just gotta concentrate on making no more mistakes in the future.
  • Bluefairy_56Bluefairy_56 Member Posts: 320
    But then you do get the flip side...I never received my Lego from the UK. I waited until the week before time ran out, even though I emailed the seller the week before this. I never received a reply, I emailed again, still nothing. I had no choice but to open a dispute, as a buyer I had no where else to go.

    I am all for contacting the seller with any problem before taking it further if I have too. But when you get ignored and time is running out your left with no alternative.

    Some sellers are great, communication about anything is quick, even if it's the other side of the world. But some sellers, the rare few, just don't care.
  • BastaBasta Australia Member Posts: 1,259
    edited April 2014
    This is all very interesting, I am currently a "Top Rated" seller and my DSR's are all 4.9 except for postage charges, which is 4.8.

    From having a look eBay Australia they are brining in the new "defect rate" changes in August, and by the look of it I need to offer a bunch of things I currently don't, to keep "Top Rated" status. Not sure what to make of it, I have never really taken much notice of my DSR or TRS and I have still managed to sell my items easily enough.

    One thing I noticed about the new "Defect" system is that you get a defect if "Seller-cancelled transactions". Recently it has become more common for buyers to contact me and ask to cancel their purchase through no fault of my own (Annoying, but what are you going to do).

    At the moment if I accept their request I have to go through and cancel the transaction. I do get to select "Buyer purchased item by mistake or changed mind" but I still get this "The buyer has accepted the seller's request to cancel this transaction". So I am wondering if this would give me a defect? Seems a bit backwards if it does, and I would be less inclined to cancel the transaction and instead go through a "Non paying buyer" dispute.
  • SuperTrampSuperTramp City 17Member Posts: 1,021
    ^ On the Q&A page eBay say you won't incur a defect if the buyer never pays for the item and requests to cancel.
  • NorlegoNorlego ScotlandMember Posts: 444

    Some sellers are great, communication about anything is quick, even if it's the other side of the world. But some sellers, the rare few, just don't care.

    I am one of those "few"... Some people have genuine reasons for not replying. Like if they have been in a car crash or if they are away on holiday etc. (I am talking of private sellers, not business sellers.)
    I always assume if somebody does not pay or reply to a winning bid within a few days they are not interested and relist. But if you sell to elderly or those without computers you have to give them plenty of time. (A old guy got upset when I relisted his item, as he had been away and had no way of contacting me, but he did understand my position as seller.)

    Also if I get a presumed scammer (somebody asking for tracking details when they have paid for postage that does not include tracking...), I dont bother entering into a dialogue with them. What is the point?
  • monkeyhangermonkeyhanger Member Posts: 2,747
    ^ I would never give anyone the choice of choosing to pay for tracked postage. If they don't receive their product or say they didn't and you can't prove they did (because you went with non tracked/signed for postage) then it's all on you as the seller. If you have a lot of cheap items then it might be worth not tracking and sucking up the cost of the scammers - accept 2% losses, or end up paying a lot more for your postage on each and every item you send. Send something larger or more expensive, then pay for tracking or accept the consequences.

    You can't just ignore those that report non-delivery if you care about your feedback. I do wish there was a flag for ebay to let you know they opened 2 or more non-receipt of goods cases with a certain amount of time and you could choose not to deal with them.
  • NorlegoNorlego ScotlandMember Posts: 444
    I tend to send items under £20 untracked, but have stopped selling on ebay.
    I got a negative from a buyer whom asked if he could have tracking details or a refund.... He paid £3 and tracking costs £1 extra ... No point trying to explain to him how insurance works. In the long run insurance firms make a profit and it pays to take risks. I do anyway.

    I would prefer not to deal with scammers.... But I would like a system where once buyers have left positiv feedback the money in paypal is free and they cant make a claim.
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