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[UK] After Part 3865, 8 x 16 Baseplates x 4

ChanMcLChanMcL Member Posts: 1,224
Hi All

I'm after 4 pieces of 8 x 16 baseplates, I dont mind what colour but like to have them the same colour.

I'm in the UK.

Im trying to keep the cost down compare to what Bricklink and eBay have.

Thanks all.


  • ChanMcLChanMcL Member Posts: 1,224
  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 20,479
    You can buy four of them from a single seller on bricklink for 81p each (new). Or 60p used, again for all four from one seller. How much of a saving are you after?
  • PhoneboothPhonebooth USMember Posts: 1,430
    I think I may have a few, but need to check when I get home.
  • ChanMcLChanMcL Member Posts: 1,224
    @CCC, the 81p each new ones have a surcharge of orders under $10, of course my order is under $10 so that is a no go.

    I have requested photos for the other one, just waiting for reply.

    @Phonebooth, thank you very much if you can help.
  • PhoneboothPhonebooth USMember Posts: 1,430
    Hey @chanmcl - definitely have 4. What address?
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