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Hello, everyone!

My name is Martin, and the combination of both the new Lego Movie, and the Simpsons set has rekindled my love of Legos. As you can tell by my name, I will be mostly collecting Star Wars themed sets, and wallet permitting, some of the Harry Potter stuff I missed.


  • indigoboxindigobox Member Posts: 470

    Welcome aboard.

    The Harry Potter theme is a great set of builds. Diagon Alley is one of my favourites. Expensive but well worth the build.

  • Mandalorian_BuilderMandalorian_Builder Member Posts: 197
    Ya, I was looking on eBay, and I am now wondering what I have gotten myself into! Luckily my girlfriend is also on board, so we will enable each other in our latest addiction.
  • LegoboyLegoboy 100km furtherMember Posts: 8,808
    Double the support, twice the spend. :-).

    My advice to you would be to not bother at all with discontinued low-mid range SW sets. You'll find that any particular vehicle or what have you is likely to get remade/redesigned with better figs and newer moulds.

    With buying any current sets you are better off having your finger on the pulse and snapping them up from general retailers ie. a new set reduced by 30-40% at Amazon will always be cheaper than any used set on EBay.

    Welcome to the boards Martin.
  • AFFOL_Shellz_BellzAFFOL_Shellz_Bellz Member Posts: 1,263
    Welcome to our world, the world of Lego building and collecting! Before you drop a lot of money on auction sites check out bricklink dot com. No affiliation but I spend a good bit there and most of my transactions have been good experiences.
  • Mandalorian_BuilderMandalorian_Builder Member Posts: 197
    Thank you all for the warm welcome. I think I'm going buy current sets and just buy older, more expensive stuff if a good deal comes up. I don't want to burn myself and my bank account so quickly :)
  • OldfanOldfan Chicagoland, IL, USAMember Posts: 655
    I think you have the right idea. Set yourself a LEGO budget and stick to it, and you'll be just fine. Welcome and have fun!
  • LegoboyLegoboy 100km furtherMember Posts: 8,808
    ^ Setting a budget is easy, but sticking to it??? ;-)
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