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FS - Spring Clear Out - Mixed Sets + Shadow Leonardo Tin Edition

indigoboxindigobox Member Posts: 470
Hi All,

I decided to go through another 2 spare boxes of LEGO to be moved and cleared out.
Here is the list, hopefully it will format correctly.

Qty Set
5x #70400 Castle - Forest Ambush
1x #70401 Castle - Gold Getaway
1x #70403 Castle - Dragon Mountain

3x #70003 Chima - Eris' Eagle Interceptor
2x #70008 Chima - Gorzan's Gorilla Striker
2x #70115 Chima - Ultimate Speedor Tournament
1x #70113 Chima - Speedorz Starter Set Chi Tournament

1x #60000 City - Fire Motorcycle
1x #60001 City - Fire Chief Car

1x #3931 Friends - Emma's Splash Pool
1x #41026 Friends - Sunshine Harvest

1x #79106 Lone Ranger - Cavalry Builder

1x #9470 LOTR - Shelob™ Attacks (Damaged Box)

1x #70504 Ninjago - Garmatron

1x #75002 Star Wars - AT-RT™
3x #75001 Star Wars - Republic Troopers™ vs Sith™ Troopers
1x #75017 Star Wars - Duel on Geonosis™

1x #76006 Super Heroes - Iron Man™: Extremis™ Sea Port Battle
1x #76002 Super Heroes - Superman™: Metropolis Showdown
1x #6865 Super Heroes - Captain America's Avenging Cycle
1x #78004 Super Heroes - Spider-Man™: Spider-Cycle Chase
1x #76000 Super Heroes - Arctic Batman™ vs. Mr. Freeze™: Aquaman™ on Ice
1x #76003 Super Heroes - Superman™: Battle of Smallville

1x #42002 Technic - Hovercraft

2x #79100 TMNT - Kraang Lab Escape

1x #79000 The Hobbit - Riddles for the Ring

1x #4637 Junior - Safari Building Set

2x #76008 Super Heroes - Iron Man™: The Mandarin™ Ultimate Showdown
3x #9491 Star Wars - Geonosian™ Cannon

Then I have the following minus mini figures;

1x #70403 Castle - Dragon Mountain (Missing Mini Figures and Dragon)
1x #76006 Super Heroes - Iron Man™: Extremis™ Sea Port Battle (Missing Mini Figures)

I also have for sale a Shadow Leonardo UK Tin Edition. Set number #LEONARDO-1 in the Brickset database.
He is number 250 of 400.

Open to offers so feel free to send over a message and lets see what we can sort out.
Thanks for looking.


  • indigoboxindigobox Member Posts: 470
    Shadow Leonardo is now gone. He is winging his way across the country side.

    Open to any offers people may have so don't be shy.

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