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[AUS] TLM 70813 Rescue Reinforcements availability

NikaliptusNikaliptus AustraliaMember Posts: 27
Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I noticed that Brickset mentions that 70813 TLM Rescue Reinforcements is exclusive to Toys R Us in the US, and so far over here, I haven't been able to track it down on any of the usual suspects' websites or on the shelf in my local stores (e.g. Myer, Target, Kmart, BigW, TRU, David Jones, shopforme, etc.), so I just wondered if anyone knows whether this set is a LEGO [email protected] exclusive over here, or which Aus retailer/s are stocking it?

Also, I know Western Emmet comes with the video game from EB Games, but has anyone heard about any minifigure promos/giveaways for the upcoming release of the movie (finally!), like Pyjamas Emmet or the Radio DJ Robot that were given away in the US?

Thanks for your help :-)


  • LuccideLuccide Member Posts: 42
    i havent seen it around in any stores but you can get it on the lego website
  • jtrjtr Member Posts: 37
    I'm pretty sure I read, over at eurobricks, someone picked it up at a TRU Aus store($100). I remebered because I want that blacktron fan fig. I guess you could check their online website. I
  • NikaliptusNikaliptus AustraliaMember Posts: 27
    Thanks @Luccide :-) Was hoping to be able to get it from a regular retailer if/when they had a 20% (or better) sale, but failing that, I might have to resort to grabbing it from LEGO [email protected] during double VIP points...

    Thanks @jtr :-) The figs in that set are cool, aren't they? I wondered whether it might be exclusive to TRU over here too, but I couldn't see it on their website or on the shelves in my local store. Maybe they're just temporarily out of stock, so will keep checking back to see if I have better luck...
  • NikaliptusNikaliptus AustraliaMember Posts: 27
    Oh that's great, thanks @jtr‌ :-)

    I dropped back into my local TRU today, and they had 3 Rescue Reinforcements on the shelf, so they must've just been out of stock the last couple of times I looked there. As noted in the post you linked to, the shelf price was $89.99, rather than the $99.99 RRP, which is interesting, especially if they end up running a 20% off (or better) sale at some point. Conversely, Lord Business' Evil Lair which also has a RRP of $99.99, was marked down from $99.99 to (I think) $84.99 (not sure if you need to scan a TRU VIP card to take advantage of the discount though).

    Incidentally, when I was in the US in Feb, the TRU that I went to over there had Rescue Reinforcements marked at $99.99 USD (plus tax), when the US RRP is supposed to be $69.99 - although they were then offering a $15.00 discount on purchases over a particular threshold. Even so, for a set that's exclusive to one retailer, where they effectively have a captive market (other than directly from LEGO), TRU over here seem to be giving us a much fairer deal.

    In other TLM news, Hoyts Cinemas have announced a couple of Collectables and Freebie offers, but not for the Pyjamas Emmet or Radio DJ Robot minifigures I was hoping for.
  • AFFOL_Shellz_BellzAFFOL_Shellz_Bellz Member Posts: 1,263
    edited March 2014
    Our TRU (US) said their computer showed 8 of the #70813 in stock but two employees, plus hubby and I could not find a single one. I finally ordered it from [email protected] and it shipped yesterday.
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