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Top 5 Lego Architecture sets? What's your favorite?

tomalphintomalphin Member Posts: 250
edited March 2014 in Everything else LEGO

What is your favorite Lego Architecture set?

I love the Lego Architecture Series and have built almost every model. I just completed an article on my blog where I've identified my 5 favorite sets under 50$. I'd love to hear what other fans of the Architecture Series think.


Some questions I'd love to hear your thoughts on:
- How many people on this forum have built most of (or all) of the sets in this series?
- What's your favorite set?
- What most important for a great set in the Architecture series? Realism, advanced building techniques, great parts selection, the instruction booklet, size of finished model, price?



  • Bluefairy_56Bluefairy_56 Member Posts: 320
    The only set I like in the whole series is Big Ben. I actually don't like any of the others. I have just ordered. Big Ben, I can't wait to do it.

    Sorry I can't tell about the other sets, but they just don't look nice, to me anyway.
  • tomalphintomalphin Member Posts: 250
    Big Ben is a great set, and I hope you really enjoy building it. I like how much detail they packed into a pretty small model.
  • Bluefairy_56Bluefairy_56 Member Posts: 320
    I am English so I wanted the set as I love what it represents. I also want the Tower Bridge, but I'll need to give my Lego budget a first aid booster before spending again after the last few weeks lol. But that's my next buy, hopefully when Lego have there double VIP points in early April.
  • legonickblegonickb Brighton, UKMember Posts: 57
    For me I like to get sets which I have a real life connection to, i.e. Big Ben as I used to live in
    London for over 10 years and Eiffel Tower, where I proposed to my girlfriend. Both were great models to build
  • PaperbackwriterPaperbackwriter Member Posts: 105
    I've built all of them. My favorites are the Frank Lloyd Wright buildings. I also like the simplicity of the Empire State Building.
  • red237red237 Member Posts: 311
    We love the Imperial Hotel build the best! Love the sideways window technique!
  • akunthitaakunthita USAMember Posts: 1,038
    My favorite is the Robie House. A beatiful and impressively big set. And all that dark red is just delicious! :)
  • AleyditaAleydita BelgiumMember Posts: 948
    My favourite of those I've had (all of the low value ones) is the Brandenburg Gate. Such a simple build but it looks fantastic. I like the White House too.

    My least favourite is probably Big Ben; I think it looks okay but part of the build annoyed me, and to be honest there was so much repetition in this one that by the end I'd lost the will to live. It was the last one I bought, though I'm considering getting the UN set next month.
  • timinchicagotiminchicago USAMember Posts: 239
    I've got most of them and my favorite is the UN. Cool building techniques and love all the trans blue. It looks especially good with light shining through it.
  • tomalphintomalphin Member Posts: 250
    I like that there is so much diversity in the sets people seem to like. It seems like the larger sets are a little more popular, but I think that makes sense since this site caters to an advanced LEGO builder audience, and those bigger models can pack in more details.

    I'm hoping to finish building the rest of the large models soon, so I can expand my review to include them as well.

  • Bluefairy_56Bluefairy_56 Member Posts: 320
    I have just finished Big Ben. I loved it, it is smaller than I thought it would be, but the likeness is amazing. I don't like the modern Architecture ones, they just look too plain. Though I do like, I think it's the White older style building.

    I might try that one next.
  • astarguyastarguy Member Posts: 40
    i own every one so my favorite is the next one i get to build.
  • ajm390ajm390 Nelsons own CountyMember Posts: 38
    Of the ones I've got, I'd rate the UN building first. I also enjoyed doing the Villa Savoye as well.
  • AFFOL_Shellz_BellzAFFOL_Shellz_Bellz Member Posts: 1,263
    My favorites are Falling Waters, Robie House, Villa Savoye, UN Building and the Eiffel Tower. The only one available in the US that I don't own is the only one I truly dislike, #21012 Sydney Opera House. I always look forward to the next one and can't wait for the Trevi Fountain.
  • Lego91Lego91 GermanyMember Posts: 86
    I buy only the ones I have some sort of connection with. I own the Big Ben because of my love for England and the Brandenburg Gate because I'm German. (Plus it reminds me of a paper I had to write for my finals in school).
  • khmellymelkhmellymel United KingdomMember Posts: 1,306
    ^ I do that as well @Lego91. I only purchase ones that I've seen in person, for me so far that's Empire State, Seattle Space Needle and Big Ben (though I do need to get the White House, Rockefeller Centre and Marina Bay Sands). I'll be able to grab Trevi Fountain when it comes out too.

    The rest I'll leave as inspiration to get out there and see the world :) I would really love to see Falling Water in person!
  • tomalphintomalphin Member Posts: 250
    @khmellymel Fallingwater is a truly amazing place to visit. I went 10 years ago when I was pretty young, and it left a strong impression. I really want to go back again soon!
  • vitreolumvitreolum RomaniaMember Posts: 1,406
    Not a big fan of them but I do plan on building the imperial hotel and fallingwater, they look interesting.
  • tomalphintomalphin Member Posts: 250
    @Vitreolum: good choices, they are both really nice models. UN Headquarters is also excellent even though it's a smaller model.
  • jadedancjadedanc USAMember Posts: 1,303
    Have fun! I have Imperial Hotel built Oi it was a long build. I have Falling water still in the box. Not looking forward to it now after IH.
  • tomalphintomalphin Member Posts: 250
    Fallingwater is a less repetitive build.
  • jadedancjadedanc USAMember Posts: 1,303
    That sounds good to me lol
  • iplanteiplante USMember Posts: 164
    This is probably my favorite theme. I haven't built the bigger ones, only Willis Tower, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Sydney Opera House, and Eiffel Tower.

    I don't understand why people don't like the Sydney Opera House. It was probably the most fun to build of the four listed above.

    I have my eyes set on Trevin fountain next :)
  • TarDomoTarDomo FinlandMember Posts: 515
    edited November 2014
    I don´t have any but if I would buy one it would maybe be the UN Headquarters. I think the building techniques are most important because it´s all about architecture.
  • tomalphintomalphin Member Posts: 250
    @iplante‌, I can't speak for anyone else, but by own criticism of the Sydney Opera House set is not that it is unpleasant or uninteresting to build. I am not fond of the completed model as it lacks some of the elegance of the real building.
  • AdeelZubairAdeelZubair London, UKMember Posts: 2,703
    Sadly I never managed to purchase any and that says something. I would like to buy the whole line of sets however the amount great of sets LEGO releases is hard to just choose what to buy and what not to buy. The Architecture sets are great in designs, building techniques well everything about them besides the prices. The prices do reflect on how many people can purchase them like myself. The understand what the prices are high: high-quality packaging, instructions and possibly licensing. So every year the Architecture sets I want fall to the bottom of the list while I buy some LEGO Store exclusive sets as well as LEGO Ideas and Licensed sets such as Super Heroes sets. As for sets I would like to purchase within reason and are also buildings that I like outside of LEGO:

    -Empire State Building
    -The White House
    -Villa Savoye
    -Sydney Opera House
    -The Leaning Tower of Pisa
    -Eiffel Tower
    -Flatiron Building
  • mathewmathew Member Posts: 2,099
    I have a soft spot for the Farnsworth House. It was the first Lego set that I bought out of my dark ages. While the build isn't the most fun, the finished model looks quite good and translates well in Lego form. I also own Fallingwater and Brandenburg Gate. I enjoyed building those two and they look good displayed. I'd buy more Architecture sets but I find that I wind up wanting something else a little more. Priorities.
  • tomalphintomalphin Member Posts: 250
    One of my justifications to buy the Architecture models is that they make great display models in my office at work. That way, they aren't taking space inside my house.
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