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Custom Display Stands for CMF

darthdcdarthdc Member Posts: 228
edited March 2014 in Building and Techniques
I have come with basic designs for display stands for all CMF sets. Basically, putting 8 on a higher tier at the back, with the others at the front. The stands are designed to incorporate the black 4x3 plates that come with the figures.

Series 1, 4 and 10 have figures that make things harder. The diver in S1, the ice skate figures from S4 and Medusa from S10. The diver and ice skaters are attached to the back stands with SNOT techniques, so as to make them stand with their feet accessories attached. For Medusa, the back stand has an opening to incorporate her large tail.

I had been chaecking to see if the bricks needed could be obtained in the colours of the packets for each series, but I'm hitting a brick wall with pale green (S3), orange (S4), turquoise (S5) and dark green (S11) being unavailable via pick a brick.

I have designed a display for the LM set, with name plaques for each figure. But the dark blue bricks I require are also unavailable.


  • CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,526
    If the bricks you need aren't available in the colours you want, then you'll have to amend the designs. Bricks are available in those colours, so work with what you have available. It may also be that you need to use different designs for each colour. That is the joy of moc'ing.

    An alternative is to just use black or white to design the stands for each set, then use an extra layer of 1x4 bricks in the specific series colour at the bottom of the stand to distinguish the different series.
  • murphquakemurphquake Member Posts: 651
    @darthdc to my eye the following colors are match the minifig packaging by series (bricklink color names, sorry):
    3-Lime Green
    5-Medium Azure (but not too common so many people have done Medium Blue, I haven't finished this one yet because of the color)
    9-Light Bluish Grey
    10-Metallic Gold (I got a ton of the holiday ornaments on clearance last year for gold 2x2 bricks)
    Team GB-White Red & Blue
    The LEGO Movie-Dark Blue... still need to do this one... have a bunch of dark blue though... but also rethinking how my stands are set up, so may abandon them and do a different style anyway
  • legomattlegomatt Member Posts: 2,543
    edited March 2014
    darthdc said:

    The ice skate figures from S4 are attached to the back stands with SNOT techniques, so as to make them stand with their feet accessories attached.

    This is a bit off topic, I know, but now you mention it, I find the design of the skates (and ski's for that matter) really irks me for this very reason. The skates especially so. It's hard enough getting the skater to stand at all (true to life for the novice perhaps), and utterly impossible for a skater to pose on one leg.

    With just a little more attention to detail at the design stage, these accessories could (i'm sure) have been designed to slot into a plate somehow. If not capable of receiving a stud connection in the standard way, then perhaps having a little knob to fit inside the hole of a 'jumper' tile. Something.

    I do hope they look at redesigning the base of the skates (the ice-dancer's male counterpart perhaps) to enable skating on one leg (or standing up at all) by affording the skates some connection solution.
  • darthdcdarthdc Member Posts: 228
    Ok, so here are the designs (using LDD). Attaching the figures with foot accessories uses 1x1 angular bricks. I've done 2 for Series 10 (Medusa tail), with one for 17 figures (if you're lucky to have #17). The movie stand has hinged tiles for name stickers to be attached. On a side note, I'll be needing the 17 figure stand for Series 10, though on the grounds that I have a clown with a spot-less hat.
  • darthdcdarthdc Member Posts: 228
    edited April 2014
    Ok, I've found enough red bricks to do one for Series 7. Just need to get the figures - had a severe money shortage which saw me miss out on 6, 7 and 8 altogether. 1, 2, 3, 9, 10, 11 and TLM are complete though. I don't have the olympic set either.
    I've also built a stand for Series 1, though out of various colour pieces. I intend to get the pieces in yellow asap.
    Next step is to get display cases to fit them.
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