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Lego Store St Patrick's Day 2014 promo?

Poisso3Poisso3 Member Posts: 196
edited March 2014 in Buying & Selling Topics
Does anyone know what the "special prize" is this year for finding the Lego Shamrock in the store?


  • JeffHJeffH Member Posts: 173
    probably the same $5 off 25, exclude those exclusives.
  • Zeldafanatic15Zeldafanatic15 Member Posts: 106
    I'm wondering myself. We got hit with snow again here on the East Coast and won't make it out today.
  • LegoKipLegoKip Member Posts: 259
    The prize is for kids up to age 14 - a free Chima sail speedor (sorry I don't have an item number) valued at $7.95. This promotion holds for So. Calif and Minnesota (I called Mall of America out of curiosity).
  • Poisso3Poisso3 Member Posts: 196
    Having a daughter who all about the Friends sets, I have no idea what that is.
  • Penkid11Penkid11 Member Posts: 788
    I was on the phone with an employee. They said that the bonus was one of the many, discounted, 2013 Speedorz sets that they haven't been able to move off the shelves.
  • Poisso3Poisso3 Member Posts: 196
    We stopped by and ended up with #70110 and #70102. My daughter doesn't care for either but I see some good parts that can be used for other projects.
  • dannyrwwdannyrww Member Posts: 1,394
    edited March 2014
    Wish they would have let us know what it was before today. Wound up not going out because the drive on a Monday night for a coupon would not have been worth it, but the girls would have loved chima sets. Oh well.
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