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Lego Movie Batwing instructions?

I'm wondering if anyone has found (or created?) instructions for the Batwing found in the Lego movie. I don't really like the Batwing from the official set, and I'd love to put something together like the one from the Burton movie. My building experience, though, is not very advanced (can't wait for my boy to be old enough to do 'Master Builder'; dad will love that, too!)

Thanks any info or guidance!


  • SirBenSirBen Member Posts: 592
    Great question. I was wondering the same thing a while ago. Using a few screenshots from the trailer I was hoping to MOC one in orange, but quickly realized that a few of the key pieces I needed weren't available in orange yet.
  • luckie_reubsluckie_reubs Member Posts: 299
    There's a "building challenge" in the Lego Movie video game that I found on YouTube, but I still haven't seen any actual instructions. I'm sure I don't have the pieces for it, but I'd like to have it for reference just in case...
  • thefangelthefangel Member Posts: 2
    If you are still interested, I managed to build the Batwing from the movie in LDD. Which means you can both download the model and the instructions. But I made an exact replica of the Batwing in the movie and the videogame, which means you cannot build it directly without making some changes.
    I wrote everything in the description that you can find here.
    This is a picture of the model:
    while the model can be found on the gallery, just search for "batwing".
    Hope it helps! :D
  • DeadareusDeadareus Member Posts: 264
    Shocked this was not released as an official set. It plays a hilarious roll in the movie. More son than the ice cream, garbage and fire truck.

    I get that those vehicles they chose to release have more play value... But still. This is a pretty sweet batwing!
  • bobabricksbobabricks Member Posts: 1,842
    I also want to see the car as a set with a sound brick that plays the "darkness" song :P
  • thefangelthefangel Member Posts: 2
    I might do the car as next project, but it mostly depends on the informations available. The Batwing had a lot of scenes in the movie where almost all the details were visible. Also the videogame helped a lot.
    I'll let you know if I'll make also the Batmobile.
  • MatthewMatthew Administrator Posts: 3,714
    ^^ I just wish LEGO had found a way to get an Everything is Awesome soundbrick into a set. :-)
  • prevereprevere Member Posts: 2,923
    Sounds bricks are such a mystery. They seem very random to me. I wish they would do more of them. Add different colored light bricks to that list too.
  • BumblepantsBumblepants Member Posts: 7,538
    ^as a parent I am grateful for any and all toys that do not make any electronic beeping, blorping, singing, or talking. Light bricks are fun though.
  • CapnRex101CapnRex101 Administrator Posts: 2,364
    ^ I am not sure I would know what a 'blorp' sounded like if I heard it...
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