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Leg_Godt_Gud: Hello from U.S.

Leg_Godt_GudLeg_Godt_Gud Member Posts: 3
edited August 2011 in Introduce yourself
Greetings, my name is Brian. I am, of course, an AFOL, from West Virginia. I collect city sets or city-like sets. (i.e. Indi Jones or Adventurers, as they have vintage style vehicles) I had a large city in a large, odd shaped closet. It is now boxed ready for moving for a bigger room to display. They range from as far back as 1980 thru present, including a blend of 4 to 8 wide vehicles, open-back buildings and modulars. About half of my collection is able to be "displayed" due to lack of space. The rest are in the attic in storage containers or are still sealed in their box. I am in school working towards a Bachelors Degree in Engineering and my job occupation is Director of Security and Maintenance. I am also a certified surface miner and heavy equipment operator.

I didn't really start collecting started until 1996 but, received my first Lego around 1991, a 1638 Basic Bucket (blue). Then came my first two sets in 92', 715 Basic Building Set and 1896 Trauma Team. That hiatus was because of Hot Wheels and Matchbox, which I have collected since 89'. In 96' my brother and I got into Lego. We both started in city sets until Star Wars came. He lost interest after our our youngest brother (3 at the time) destroyed his sets. I stayed in city sets until my first year of H.S. That started my 6 yr "dark age". Since 2009 I have gotten back into Lego and a frenzy, if you will, trying to get every set I wanted but, missed out on.

My other main interests are pretty ladies, music, [as], mechanics, history, science, mtn. biking, skiing, cars, motorcycles, boating, anything else with a motor, technology, sports, NRA, cooking, Billiards, EATING, fixing s**t, beer, spirits, *****, Rock Music, guitar, trying not to die; regular guy stuff. I am a cat guy with 2 and I'm pretty sure I still have Type 1 Diabetes. So I'm 98% functioning 100% of the time. Well, I guess that's about it.


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