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For sale: 24 LEGO sets (1976-1985)

nicholasnicholas Member Posts: 2
edited March 2014 in Marketplace
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All sets include manuals (in ok shape but some are a bit crumpled). Only the LEGO Technic sets include the box. There are 24 sets. Of these 4 are not complete, they are missing a few pieces, see below. In addition there are two LEGO Technic boxes where most of the pieces are missing, so these can be useful if you're missing the box/manual, or need some pieces. Also there's a small bag of loose pieces.

The pieces themselves are in good shape. Some very few have bite marks. No colors are faded and all symbols and patterns are perfect. Stickers are applied, and they are divided when they cover several pieces (to be able to take the pieces apart).

I'm seeling these for USD 500.
Shipping to Europe would be USD 60.
Shipping outside of Europe would be USD 78.


Full list:

314 - Police Launch / Police Boat (1976)
425 - Fork Lift (1976)
276 - Doctor's Office (1977)
277 - Fireplace (1977)
296 - Hair Salon / Ladies' Hairdressers (1977)
371 - Seaplane (1977) - Missing: 1 clear brick 1x2, 2 transparent green plates 1x1 (they got brittle with time and have snapped in half, but are included) - Manual ripped and taped
373 - Offshore Rig with Fuel Tanker (1977) - Missing: 1 black brick 1x1 round - Stickers are in bad shape
316 - Fire Fighting Launch / Fire Fighter Ship (1978)
376 - House with Garden (1978)
671 - Shell Tanker / Shell Fuel Pumper (1978)
645 - Police Helicopter (1979) - Missing: 1 black plate 1x1 (replaced with black tile)
646 - Auto Service Truck (1979)
675 - Snack Bar (1979) - Sign is broken in two (can be glued)
677 - Knight's Procession (1979)
6678 - Pneumatic Crane (1980)
6365 - Summer Cottage (1981)
6650 - Fire and Rescue Van (1981)
6680 - Ambulance (1981)
6392 - Airport (1985)

872 - Two Gear Blocks (1978) - With box
854 - Go-Kart (1978) - With box
8860 - Car Chassis (1980) - With box - Missing: 1 blue plate 1x1 (replaced with gray), 1 Technic gear 24 tooth (you can use the one from 8700 Power pack)
8845 - Dune Buggy (1981) - With box, manual torn but complete - A black Technic plate 1x4 with holes is broken at the tip, but still works
8700 - Power Pack (1982) - With box (ripped and taped)
8050 - Universal Motor Set (1984) - ONLY box (ripped and taped), manual and a few parts
8851 - Excavator (1985) - ONLY box, manual and a few parts


  • nicholasnicholas Member Posts: 2
    If USD 500 is too much, make me an offer. Also if you're only interested in some of the sets, make me an offer.
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