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[EU only / Germany prefered] Searching for two missing "Paradisa" sets to buy.

Lego91Lego91 Member Posts: 86
Back in 1996 (or 1997) I got the "Cabana Beach" set #6410 for my birthday from a school friend. Little did I know that I would love Lego a couple of years later. I really liked that set and I played with it for ages. (I have no idea why it was my only set when I loved it so much). I still own it and surprisingly it is also complete with box and everything.

For "nostalgic" reasons I now want to buy the two other sets who look like the one I own.

They need to be complete. It doesn't matter if one or two bricks are missing but not many more. Minifigs missing is okay. Box is nice but not needed, the construction manual has to be complete. I prefer buying it used, so it is cheaper. (Bite marks are no problem,...)

I have no idea how much those two sets are worth. I'm not a millionaire so I can't pay much. You can also message me your offers. If I could buy it from someone in Germany it would be awesome because shipping is not that expensive, but EU is also okay.

Set number 1 is "Dolphin Point" #6414 - 30-35€?
Set number 2 is "Sand Dollar Café" #6411 - 15€?

Thank you!
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