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Tonnes of Polybags+Figure Parts for trade

IronsightsIronsights Member Posts: 36
edited March 2014 in Marketplace
Hello everyone.
Tonnes of polys up for trade here, and I'd like to offload all of them. I also have various rare figure parts+accesories to trade, as well as a couple of rare figures themselves. Plus I have some CMFs. Here's the list:

(Star Wars)
1 TC-14
1 White Boba
4 Shirtless Mauls
4 30054 AT-STs
1 V-19 Torrent
2 Headhunters
2 Vulture Droids
3 Venators
3 TIE Fighters
2 Imperial Star Destroyers

6 Batmobiles
2 Quinjets
2 Batman Jetskis
1 Hawkeye
1 Jor-El

2 Frodo Cooking Corners
1 Woody’s Camp Fire
1 Buzz Lightyear Ship
3 Black Pearls
13 Captain Jack Sparrows
2 Lone Ranger Railcart
3 30110 Harry Potter Trolley
2 30111 Harry Potter The Lab

(LEGO Themes)
5 30000 Doctor’s Cars
1 30141 AC Jet
4 30011 Police Boats
3 30010 Fire Trucks
2 30012 Microlights
4 30222 Helicopter
6 30042 Atlantis Mini Subs
2 30041 Atlantis Piranhas
3 Friends Picnic
5 Friends Cake Stand
2 Winzar's Pack Patrols
3 Ewars Acro Fighters
2 30013 Police Buggies
2 30018 Police Planes
2 30017 Police Boats
2 30150 Race Cars
1 30003 Road Roller
3 30009 Xmas Trees
3 30008 Snowmen
4 30091 Pharaohs Quest Desert Rovers
4 30090 Pharaohs Quest Desert Gliders
2 30021 Parrots
1 30024 Trucks
2 7808 Planes
1 30121 Grem

1 Skeleton Chopper
2 Jumping Snakes (blue ninja)
4 Ninja Gliders (white ninja)
4 Dragon Fights (red ninja)

CMFs (all sealed unless stated otherwise)
Series 2
Pop Star

Series 7
3 Hippies
Space Girl (opened)
Red Cheerleader
3 Daredevils
Merman King
Tennis Player
Viking Queen

Series 8
Evil Robot (opened)

Series 10
Amazon Warrior Woman

Series 11

Other stuff
Original Greedo
2x DC Visual Dictionaries w/ Electric Batman figures

And these parts:

(I'd part with these for good offers)


These are what I'm looking for in return:

Batman I Figures -Need these most
Batman, grey and dark-blue suit, from 7786+7787
Robin from 7885
Killer Croc
——Original Mr Freeze head
——Two Face hair
——Classic Scarecrow head+torso
——Classic Penguin head+torso

Batman II Figures
Damian Wayne
Joker Henchman - Lime Jacket (Batwing Battle over Gotham)
——1x Harleen Quinzel torso

King of the Dead
Soldiers of the Dead (one of each variant)

New Jabba the Hutt

I'd prefer to trade in the UK/EU, but if you are elsewhere and have good offers I might trade with you :)
Thanks for looking!


  • bobabricksbobabricks Member Posts: 1,842
    how spot on is the printing on the commander gree helmet I might need it because mine was misprinted
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