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Poly's and other items for trade UK but maybe worldwide

jjb5000jjb5000 Member Posts: 103
Hi everybody, been lucky the past few weeks and picked up extra Poly's that seem to be in demand and already have loads lying about so am thinking of trying to get hold of a few things I have had my eyes on. Open to offers but would ideally like to keep it 1:1 but I understand some of my Poly's are not so rare, all are new and sealed so I want same condition please

Will trade worldwide if someone has a few of the things I am looking for as to make the postage worthwhile for both parties


2 X TC-4
#30280 X 2
#30211 X 2
#8028 X 1
#30029 X 1
#40048 X 1
#30017 X 1
#30254 X 1
#30183 X 2
#30242 X 2
#30230 X 3
#30162 X 1
#30260 X 2
#30108 X 2
#40084 X 2
#30251 X 1
#30222 X 1
#30240 X 3
#30105 X 2
#30210 X 4
#30200 X 4
#30213 X 4
#30086 X 1
#30085 X 2
#30152 X 8



#30031 world racers powerboat
#30032 world race buggy
#30261 Tonto campfire
#30281 micro manager battle
#30282 super secret enforcer
#30300 tumbler
#30301 batwing
#5000062 shirtless maul
Emmet keychain
Wyldstyle keychain
Bad cop keychain
#30270 turtle target practice
#30212 mirkwood elf
#30215 legolas
#30216 lake town guard

Thanks for looking, if you can help then let's see if we can do a deal :-)


  • chuckpchuckp Member Posts: 684
  • DadDad Member Posts: 816
  • richoricho Member Posts: 3,830
  • jjb5000jjb5000 Member Posts: 103
    Quick update

    I am now out of martian manhunters :-(

    No longer after the lake town guard

    Have replied to all PM's

    Thanks everyone for the interest :-)
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