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US - Looking for TLM CMF's: Emmett, Davy Crockett Robot, Mermaid, and Coffee Guy

wrangler6915wrangler6915 Member Posts: 527
I don't know if I used the "correct" names, but I am looking for the four CMF's. No problem with "new but opened" as these are just to complete my collection.

I actually grabbed 14 random bags, and got 12 uniques, so not bad. Just need these four now...

I'm not really looking to pay a premium for these, but thought I might save some time for myself and someone might be looking to get rid of extra's they might have. I'd rather not spend another hour feeling, I'd be willing to offer $15 shipped for the lot (shipping shouldn't be more than $2, so that's $3.25 each, which is retail and tax), either cash via paypal gift OR potentially as part of a larger trade.

Please PM me if you have these four guys and are looking to get rid of your duplicates.

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