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Hello from Barcelona

I'm 38 years old father from Barcelona. I started to buy LEGO sets for my son two years ago, and I became an AFOL about one year ago, although I didn't know what an AFOL was at that time.

When I was a kid I had mostly Classic Space sets, and I loved building spaceships and playing with them. I also had some Town and Technic sets. I remember myself sitting on the floor searching for bricks in my Storage Cloth. After my son got his first LEGO sets, I started looking for a cloth like that one, because of the good memories of it.

Well, when I stopped playing with Lego, we gave it to charity, and I'm sure it's still making some kid happy.

With my 6 years old son we've got mostly Creator and Technic sets, plus some random ones. Oh, and some space-themed small sets and minifigs for my occasional whims. He's also a huge fan of TLM, now his favourite movie. We are looking forward to getting Emmet's Constructo-Mech or Benny's Spaceship for his birthday this summer.

As for our profile, I guess we are mainly beginer Builders with our Creator and City bricks, and Collectors with our Technic sets, although we play a lot with them too. We don't have many sets, but I'm already trying to find some boxes and drawers to organize the bricks.

Last but not least, I've been following Brickset for 4 months now, and the forum for 2 months, and I finally decided to register because I've found very interesting discussions here, all about Lego but interesting beyond the bricks.

I'm writing too much, time to stop! Please excuse my English, I hope it doesn't sound too funny. Correct me if I'm saying anything weird or plain wrong.

Thanks for reading!


  • JenniJenni Member Posts: 1,390
    Hi Unixpace,

    Welcome to the forum.

    I'm a relatively close forum member currently living in Toulouse, France where I very much enjoy being so close to your beautiful city.

    I too had mostly space sets as a kid, I do miss the exploration themes of space in that era. I'm very glad that they made the Mars rover for that reason.

    I think your English is fantastic, I only dream of being that fluent in a second language.

    So welcome, I hope you have fun here,


  • UnixpaceUnixpace Member Posts: 12
    Thank you for your kind words, Jenni.

    I agree with you. I still have the Curiosity Rover in its bags, because I want to read the booklet before building it. I hope I'll find time to read it soon, because I can't wait to play with it.
  • legoprodslegoprods Member Posts: 445
    Bienvenido al foro!

    Personalmente este es mi foro favorito de Lego.

    Saludos desde Sevilla!
  • UnixpaceUnixpace Member Posts: 12
    Hola Gerardo, gracias. Sí, sin duda también es mi foro favorito.

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