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Help Needed Please

Hello Everyone

Firstly, a brief introduction.

Some of you may know me as grum64 from Eurobricks but for those that don't I'm disabled and unable to use my hands, and have a passion for Lego Technic. The nature of my disability means I build by mouth which if nothing else, teaches patience. Those who know me say I'm addicted to collecting Technic sets, having accumulated 40+ sets in the 5years since I re-kindled my love of Lego. I buy sets, old and new, faster than I can build, the 8043 & 8110 took over 17 weeks each!

Well, that's enough of my ramblings, here's my problem.

I'm hope one of you gifted folk can help me with the rear of this amazing Shelby Cobra (link below) I've been asked to build for my cousin who's re-building the genuine article. For the life of me I can't get my head round the techniques used. I've tried for around 3 months using LDD but with very poor results. I've asked the builder if he has a set of instructions but he hasn't and won't be making any but has given me his blessing to try building it.

Due to my disability, and the fact that all my spare parts are Technic, physically experimenting with parts is difficult. I can build Lego by mouth but taking it apart the same way ranges from very difficult to nigh on impossible!

I've done the mid body, engine and little of the front (with the same problem as I'm having with the rear but am hoping to use lessons learnt from any help received to complete it) but I'm hoping that someone can help me by building the rear in LDD/LDraw or sending clear instructions using same of the techniques used.

If it helps I can post my progress(!) so far in the LDD file if allowed.

Any and all help would be very gratefully received.

Clive aka grum64

PS I have posted this question elsewhere also.
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